If I beg for forgiveness

Will you turn your gaze on me?

If I plead and apologize

Until you're sick of my voice

Will you let me see your eyes?

You don't need to give me

Those charming looks that I love

I wouldn't ask for that

All I want to know, is if I try

Harder than I ever have before

For anything, in my entire life

Would you look at me?

Would you even allow your eyes

To glance in my direction?

It might seem trivial to you

That I ask only for this, as I beg

I don't even deserve it

But I still believe that I can't live

Without you in my life

However much you keep yourself out

I can't survive without you

It's hard enough as it is

Just not being able to see you

As often as I'm used to

But to know that you will never again

See me, or look at me…

It kills me