Part of her always believed

That being away from the one she loved

Would be the most painful thing of all

She grew up with that thought in mind

And then she was completely unprepared

To discover the truth of love

Being near him was wonderful

Just as she always knew it would be

He was her light in the dark world

Being away from him was hard

But she could do it if needed

For he was engraved in her mind

But the most painful thing of all

Turned out to not be distance

No, it was walking away from him

Leaving him became her private hell

Though she'd never let him see

It killed her to walk away from him

The heartache began with just a few steps

And she had to fight to keep from turning around

Back into his arms, his embrace, his comfort

For she couldn't stand to leave him

However short a time period

It destroyed her body and emotions

Yes, being near him was a dream

And being apart was bearable

But it was walking away that killed her