An Ancient Evil – Part 4

This was too weird for Warren.

He'd grown up knowing a definitive history of the world. Every day the world would change and he had come to accept that. But this discovery could revolutionize everything.

An ancient civilization had built these massive stone doors and warned anyone who saw them to do not enter, but it was obvious that General Bailey wasn't going to heed that warning. Workers continued to clear away debris from the stone doors and Dr. Reins choreographed the excavation while he and General Bailey stood aside and watched.

General Ryan Bailey was a middle-aged man with white hair. Warren had never served with the General before, but from what others had told him, Bailey could be a little eccentric at times. From the way the General was acting, this seemed to be one of these times.

"We're making history here, son, and you're going to be a very big part of it," Bailey said.

Dr. Reins examined the hand impression in the circular stone button and put his hand over top to compare the size. His hand was too big to fit the impression; it was made for a smaller individual, perhaps a younger man's hand. For some unexplained reason he looked back at Warren and looked at his hands, and they seemed to be the right size for the impression. "Private Littlefoot, please come over here," Reins said.

Warren walked over to the doctor and the stone doors and looked at the button with the hand impression. The General joined them. "I'm not exactly sure why you're here, Private, but please indulge me for a moment," Reins said. "Please place your hand on the impression."

All of sudden the soft spoken spirit that he encountered in his quarters said to him: "Do not open these doors," it said adamantly." You mustn't allow the spirits that dwell within loose."

What spirits? He said mentally.

And the spirit responded as if he had sent a telepathic message.

"It's best you don't know," she said. "Please keep those doors closed."

Warren could feel the depression from the spirit and thought that her warning was something to believe. "I'm afraid I can't do that, Doctor," Warren said straightly, knowing he'd probably be thrown out of the military for disobeying.

"And why can't you?" Reins said.

"The warning on the doors," he said.

"Forget about that, I'm testing a theory here and I need your assistance."

"You will do what Dr. Reins says, Private, that's an order," General Bailey said.

He reached for the button, but then suddenly stopped.

"No, don't touch the seal," the spirit spoke to him again.

He drew his hand back. "I can't, General," he said, disobeying the order.

General Bailey took out a gun from his belt holster and pointed it at Warren. "You will obey my order, Private, or I'll have you arrested and court-martialed. Your career will be over."

"General, I don't think this is necessary," Dr. Reins said, taking off his rectangular framed glasses and cleaned them with a handkerchief. He then put them back on. "Private Littlefoot is merely scared, aren't you, son?" Warren nodded. "We don't know what's behind these doors. It's my recommendation that more study is needed before we proceed."

"I don't want excuses, Doctor, I want those doors open," the General demanded. "Your previous insubordination and crackpot story about unnatural forces inhabiting this place forced me to assign you to sentry duty outside, Littlefoot, and now you disobey me again? I'm your superior officer, and you're just a lowly private. Obey my orders NOW."

"General, why are you acting like this?" Reins said.

With a gun pointed at him Warren raised his hand to the impression. Suddenly a tremendous gust of wind blew him back and he hit the ground. "Oof!" he let out.

The entire underground chamber was then engulfed in a massive whirlwind that kicked up sand and debris, tossing it everywhere.

Warren scattered for safety because he was closest to the heavy winds, and made it to the stone steps that lead to the elevator. He pressed the control panel to open the elevator door, but it malfunctioned. Warren backed away and protected himself from the spontaneous happenings that were taking place inside the chamber, hiding behind some rocks piled in front of the farthest wall.

"Stop this!" he shouted out, knowing that the spirit was doing this.

And in an instant, the whirlwind ceased, and everything that was trapped in its vortex was dropped like dead weight, including people.

"What the hell was that?" Bailey said angry, getting up off the ground. He felt his right wrist and felt that it was broken.

Warren got to his feet, and said, "The spirit doesn't want us to open those doors."

Warren came out from behind the rocks. "What spirit?" Bailey said.

And Warren told him about his encounter in his quarters. Then he said, "I'm in touch with an entity that inhabits this place and it warned me not to open those doors."

"That's bullshit! There's no such thing as ghosts!" Bailey said, and looked for his gun. But it was gone. It must have been lost during the confusion, buried under sand or debris.

"It seems impossible, but how would you explain what just happened, General?" Dr. Reins said, getting to his feet. "Winds just don't manifest themselves inside underground chambers." His right shoe hit something half buried in sand. It was General Bailey's gun. He waited until the General wasn't looking and then picked it up, quickly putting it in his right back pocket.

"General, are you okay?" Warren said, as Bailey rubbed his head. Bailey had nearly been hit by a stone as the whirlwind whipped around in the chamber from what Warren saw from his vantage point. But the General had ducked unknowingly that he could have been killed by it.

Bailey quickly grabbed Warren violently by the throat with both hands and squeezed tightly. Warren grabbed the Generals arms and tried to pull them away but to no avail. But then the General released him just as quickly as he had grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

"You're worthless to me," Bailey said to Warren. "If I had my gun, I'll kill you right here." He turned to Reins and said, "Find my gun, Doctor, and I'll shoot this trailer here and now."

"There's no need for violence, General," Reins said. "And I'm not a lapdog."

"If you won't help me, then I'll get someone who will," Bailey said. "I'm always prepared for every eventuality. I thought we could do this the easy way, but like everything, the hard way is infinitely the foremost way." He plucked a walkie-talkie from his belt and said, "Send down Sgt. DeLuca. I'm in need of his expertise."

Warren recalled the name DeLuca, his full name was Donald DeLuca. He had run into the man in a corridor when he first arrived at the facility two weeks ago and from what he could remember the man was huge, built like a bodybuilder who had taken too many steroids.

Warren heard the elevator door open and Sgt. DeLuca exited, carrying a huge sledge hammer over his right shoulder. He walked down the stone steps into the excavated chamber and stood before Bailey, saluting him. "As ordered, General," DeLuca said.

That was strange, Warren thought. When he tried to use the elevator, it didn't work.

"Good, a man that I can trust to follow orders," Bailey said. He gave Warren an extremely displeasing look. Then he looked at two MP's that were guarding the elevator and said, "Place Private Littlefoot under arrest and escort him to his quarters." The two military police officers took Warren into custody and escorted him to the elevator.

"General, with all due respect, if the Staff of Power is beyond these doors, it's a huge archaeological find, but it's nothing for the military to obsess about," Reins said.

"You're wrong, Doctor," Bailey said. "According to the ancient text unearthed at Giza the Staff of Power is power personified. Whoever possesses it holds the fate of the world in their hands, and that fate will belong to those people who deserve it most."

"Why do Americans always believe they're superior to everyone else?" Reins said.

DeLuca and Bailey gave the other an insidious smirk. "I never said America was the superior power, Doctor, far from it in fact. Everyone has this glorified idea of America, but if you knew the truth behind the iron curtain you'd know it's a sad one." DeLuca proceeded over to the stone doors and the workers moved away.

Reins' eyes widened with a sudden realization. "You're not seriously thinking… General, you can't, your thug will bring this whole chamber down if he hits those doors with that thing!" he said. "He'll also be destroying a significant piece of history."

"Stop him, please. . ." Warren heard a voice and he saw the transparent form of the woman that attacked him in his quarters standing before him. The two military police officers saw her too. "They mustn't open the door; he's waiting for them in there."

"W-what is that?" one of the officers said.

All of a sudden a tremendous force pushed both military officers down the stone steps, knocking them unconscious. Warren ran down the steps and checked their pulse, both were still alive. "Who is waiting?" he then asked the spirit.

"The master," she replied.

"The master? Whose master? Is that your master?" Warren said.


"Who are you?"

"I am--or was--one of the master's concubines."

"So that would explain why you tried to sexually assault me."

"I am sorry for the trouble I caused you."

"It is I who should apologize to you for trapping you in that spiritual barrier. I only wanted to talk, but I scared you. I'm sorry."

"You mustn't allow your friends to break the seal. Thousands of years ago a priest erected a seal to keep the spirit of my master trapped in there. He was so evil that his spirit would not rest. So the priest erected a spiritual barrier to keep him here. But if your friends break it down my master will be free again. Stop them, please!"

Warren nodded and agreed to help her. DeLuca was at the stone doors and he held his sledge hammer at the ready to strike the first blow. Warren shouted, "Stop!" But it was too late as DeLuca struck the left stone door with such power that he immediately made a hole.

"Oh no!" the spirit said. She stood beside him. "My master. . . You must leave this place while you still can." The elevator doors opened. "I had stopped your lift from operating temporarily so those two men could not take your away, but it works again."

Bailey looked through the hole. "It's completely dark, I can't see anything. Give me a flashlight." DeLuca gave him a flashlight and Bailey shed light in the anti-chamber.

He looked shocked when he noticed what appeared to be human skulls constructed within the stone walls on either side. It gave the appearance much like the sewers of Musee des Egouts in Paris, France. "I need this hole bigger," he then said. "Break down the rest, there's definitely something in there."

"No, General!" Warren said. "You must stop now."

Bailey looked at him. "How did you escape the MP's?" he said. He then saw the two men on the ground behind him unconscious. "How in hell did you do that?"

Suddenly the lights that illuminated the ruins flickered on and off, and a strange, eerie coldness encompassed the chamber. The temperature dropped rapidly and Warren could see his breath in the air. He then sensed another presence other than the spirit that stood beside him. This presence had an evil aura and he felt frightened by it. He had never felt anything so intense or heavy like this other spirit.

"Leave now," the woman spirit told him adamantly.

Warren took a step backwards. "Everyone, we must leave now," Warren insisted.

It was then he noticed something else strange. DeLuca wasn't moving, but he was gripping his sledge hammer tightly in his hands. DeLuca looked at General Bailey and grinned almost sinisterly. "General!" Warren shouted, and bolted towards him. DeLuca raised his hammer, and Warren leapt and pushed General Bailey out of the way before the giant muscle man brought it down upon the spot where Bailey once stood. The impact of the sledge hammer pulverized a stone to dust and narrowly missed Warren in the process. If he hadn't jerked back after he pushed General Bailey out of the way, he would've been that stone.

"What the hell are you doing, Private?" General Bailey said. "How dare you touch me!"

DeLuca attacked Warren, but he rolled out of the way avoiding his strike.

"DeLuca, what are you doing?" Bailey said. DeLuca brought his hammer to bear again and Warren pushed Bailey out of the way again as he rolled to the left to avoid the enormous force of DeLuca's attack. "What the hell is going on? Subdue DeLuca. He's gone nuts!"

A soldier who was a worker took a pix-axe and attacked DeLuca. But DeLuca saw the man coming and swung his sledge hammer and struck the soldier in the head decapitating him. His head flew through the air and dropped in the General's lap. Bailey threw the head away, disgusted by it. The soldier's body then dropped like a stone to the ground, blood oozing out from his neck. "Oh my god," Bailey said.

"The man is possessed by the Master," the spirit told Warren.

"General, DeLuca's possessed, he can't be stopped!" Warren said.

"Well see about that! I want DeLuca taken down!" the General ordered, and the workers and other MP's attacked DeLuca, but it was like leading lambs to a slaughter.

DeLuca defended himself and they all fell to his supernatural strength. They were killed by the swing of his hammer. All except one MP who had his arm ripped off and shoved through his chest. The MP convulsed and then dropped to the ground dead.

In the end, there was no one left alive but Bailey, Warren, and Reins.

"Now do you believe me, General?" Warren said.

But Bailey was speechless.

Covered in human remains and blood, DeLuca stepped over the corpses and approach them, gripping his hammer. "Now, who's next?" DeLuca said.

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