Realness isn't in the water

By A. L. Nohe

Once upon a time, someone wrote a book about a place on Earth where the sky was blue every single day, it never rained but somehow the grass stayed green. The water was never purified but people drank it straight from ponds, water as clear crystals. The people couldn't be described as humans at all. Humans have emotions, have cloudy minds, they make mistakes.

The book came out 2037, almost 20 years ago. People became obsessed with the idea of utopia, but no one ever truly believed a place like that actually existed. They went to work everyday breathing in stale air of the cities. Pollution, a growing problem without a solution. Something in those chemicals, not only polluted the world, but human's minds. Triggered angry thoughts, created war, lost any hope of ever getting to the so often talked about, "World Peace".

According to this book, titled Realness isn't in the air, everyone in the world breathed these chemicals every single day of their lives, everyone except a small town with a population of 1000. According to the book, there was something missing in the air. Perhaps it was a physical chemical that created anger. If there was, this was the only place on the earth that didn't have it.

The book described how this town was in one word, Perfect. So completely perfect, it was unreal. Maybe it was something in the air, but the author of the book believed that the truth was there was something missing in the air.

The book sold millions and millions of copies. People told their sisters, aunts, cousins twice removed, brother's girlfriend's moms to read it. Many people finished the book in a matter of days and was completely stunned at the idea of this place. Now, everyone never questioned the typed of book it was said to be. Fiction. No one ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, this book was strictly facts.

Word was around, people begged the author to write more, saying they've never seen anything like his imagination. That man must've gotten 100,000 letters a day, people wanting more of his creations.

One morning while people sat buttering their toast they all turned on their televisions to discover that there would never be anymore imagination from the brilliant man that created that brilliant book. He had jumped off a 57 story building in the skyline of New York City.

AY! I'm going to turn this sci fyee. Reveiws?
Yes, I know it doesn't have much of a plot yet...but I'll get there.