-- Don't take this to be a regular zombie story. Although it contains zombification like states, and a few zombie movie generic assumptions most of the Zombies in this book are less than used accurately. I'll write an appendix some time so you guys can get Bioprofiles, Zombie descriptions if you can't get a good mental image. If I get really bored I might even sketch one. But in all honesty, over the timeframe this book moves over you will see Zombies becoming from what you never dreamed, to what you always saw... And then maybe something more sinister. Wooooo... --

Prologue – Jaded

There was sleep in his eyes again. Adam swore violently, his voice a semi-deep rumble that echoed throughout the empty house before climbing out of an unsteady double bed. The bright covers were thrown to the floor in an untidy mess, and he reached for the dresser, throwing open a few drawers and placing some items of clothing on the demon bed. "Too… fucking comfortable…" He murmured softly, barely able to tell colour in the dim coldness of the bedroom. Moments later, he stumbled out of his room fully dressed in black t-shirt and jeans, falling against the sand textured cream walls, his feet feeling like they were stuck to the floor, by a soft foam.

It was definitely squishy, and Adam let forth another curse as he looked down. His door had been painted with shaving foam, a gift from his brother and flatmate he assumed, stumbling with his feet now a bright white towards the gas heater. Amazed it still was on, he collapsed infront of it and put it on maximum, waiting for the heat to soak into his tired body. There was a crippling pain right in the centre of his forehead, and he was considering drowning himself in panadol as he dimly tried to recall the last night. Small flashes kept coming to him – He had definitely been concerned about something, but then they began smoking and someone had a bottle of Tequila. That explained it, or so he thought.

Coherent pictures began to form through the yellow fog. Scotty, a friend and neighbour, was concerned about something… His girlfriend, that was it, she went crazed and bit him so he locked her in the bedroom… Jordan, his flatmate, has also ended up bitten somehow and then Scott himself went postal and started tearing chunks out of himself… Then again, the idiot did Pure Methanphetamine, so who is to really be surprised at such behaviour. Adam and Jizz… Brothers, walking back to their own house and for some odd reason locking the doors. "We never lock the doors…" He slurred, his mouth tasting of carpet.

Oh dear, there really had been a lot of drinking. He looked down at his hands, seeing them crusted up to his wrists in dried blood, none of which looked to be his, however the house was in a terrible state from before they migrated to Scott's for a few hours. "Beer…" He murmured, still parched, and hobbled towards the fridge, taking two brown bottles out and opening one on the sink. Moments later Adam set off down the hallway, and looked into his brother's room, what he assumed would be cream-free. The beer was finally making him feel better, allowing him to get the full shock of the situation while not letting him physically react properly.

The bed was coated in sweat, and stained with blood, as were the walls and carpet of the room. The doorframe was severely cracked, and a brisk breeze blew in through the gaping hole where there once was a window. "…Wha?" The words were a still drunken slur as he tried to take it in. Biting, pain resistance and unusual acting all in one night? "Must've been a fucking great night…" Adam reasoned, before turning away to get back to the dining room. Deciding that his rogue brother must already be next door, he lurched out the ranch slider and began the arduous, pounding journey to climb over the fence.

Falling over it rather unexpectedly, he untangled his limbs and tapped on Scott's sliding door, barely noticing the bloodstains on it as he held up the spare beer for whoever to see. "Bro's. Beer for breakfast…" A shadow crossed infront of the door, rapidly increasing before seeming to crouch into an almost stalking position, leaving Adam with but a moment to raise an eyebrow before whatever it was sprung at him, the shadow filling the entire curtain as time seemed to slow.

Fabric was pressed against the glass as everything occurred almost frame-by-frame, and then a long defining crack split the pane neatly. As the pressure increased from the lunging humanoid, the window cracked more and then finally gave way outwards, exploding forth in hundreds of slivers and jagged spikes, the curtains finally giving way to show him his assailant even as he was cut, falling backwards in surprise. Crimson stained blonde hair flew like a mane from the thing attacking him, a former woman's-man type appearance stained by a snarl of unrestrained bloodlust as slashed hands pushed further on Adam's body, throwing him roughly to the ground with the creature on top.

"Jordan, you drunk motherfucker! Get off me!" Adam rolled quickly, getting to his feet with the beer still in hand, kicking Jordan in the ribs for good measure before his jaws could even close. The familiar, nearly bald visage of Scott emerged from the door, coated in blood that could have belonged to anyone. From within the still open garage, the shambling figure of Adam's brother, his leg torn to bloody ribbons from his own bedroom window, began to limp out, showing no signs of pain. "Bad trip… Like Mescaline… Just shake it off!" Adam encouraged himself and the others, backing away with the drinks held up like they could protect him.

The three were closing quickly, features twisted by whatever it was that consumed them, and Adam reached into his pocket for anything to help him. Feeling the distinct outline of his keys, he spent an important seconds looking back to his Prelude to make sure it was there. His three former friends leapt at him as he turned back, mouths wide to tear into his flesh and take sustenance.

I have to say that I'm writing this in small chapters. Any suggestions welcome, it's a new book that is ongoing until such point as I decide to resolve it in tragedy or happiness, mayhem or barely controlled survival, or even worse... Put Aliens in it. >>

The whole lack of description thing may put you off. I assure you that it's only for this chapter, as it's merely a prologue and isn't worth very much either than introducing a later topic for foreshadowing or introducing a character. More description of these things will follow in later chapters. I find building images in small increments works well, if it annoys anyone either flick to the appendix or leave a review. I apologise for inconvienience.

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