I'll be updating this as the book goes along. I reiterate my comments at the bottom of the Prologue. I'd like to add that this only includes the types – And people, involved at the point in the book If I fall behind, remind me.

-- Appendix –

Date: 16/09/2007

Planet: Earth

Country: New Zealand

Town: Tauranga

Bioprofiles – Significant Characters

Name: Adam Shafe

Age: 19Birthdate: 12/09/87

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Advanced Sandwich Building Technician.

Appearance: Short white hair.. High cheek-boned face, defined features. Bright blue eyes, semi-archaic expression. Little taste in clothing.

Friends: Sara, Blake, Katherine, and Siegfried. 6ft 4.

History: Increasingly dark past, involving heavy fighting and use of weapons. Nothing to prove reliability.

Role: Takes a reluctant semi-leader role.

Additional: Suffers from MPS, as well as Paranoia.

Name: Blake Wolfe (Wolf)

Age: 19 Birthdate: 23/05/87

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Freight Contamination Disposal and Hydration Distribution engineer.

Appearance: Honest appearance, with short black hair cropped close in an almost flat-topped cut. Looks like David Hayter. No taste in clothing – Brown eyes. Contact lenses, that are black. 6ft 5.

Friends: Sara Adam, Katherine, and Siegfried

History: While having had a dark past, is not as dark as Adam's.

Role: Very violent in addition to cautious. Takes semi-leader role.

Nickname : Angry.

Classification : Zombie, Infection form.

Manifestation : No noticeable extreme physical mutation, creature remains human in almost all respects.

Time period : One day – Seven days under infection.

Affliction : High pain tolerance, little to no control of mind however well in command of bodily functions. This allows the creature great speed and strength with which to feed, as well as function. Mortal wounds guarantee kill, or enough blood loss.

Notes : Brain activity is low, however there is bodily control and an insatiable need for food. They retain relationship with infected kin in regards to slight teamwork and respect of sorts.