Blue Rokkyu

sung to "His Cheesburger" by veggietales

She told her sensei "I want to go for promotion."
"And I want to go for my blue belt."
She said to her "you're not ready for either"
She said "Isn't this the dojo?"
She said "Yes it is but class is done now."
"But it happens tomorrow again."
She said "I really want to practice!"
"But I guess I can wait until then!"

Cuz you're her blue Rokkyu
Her precious blue Rokkyu
She'll roll for you. Ya!
She'll fall for you.
Oh, you are her blue Rokkyu
Her precious blue Rokkyu
She'll test for you
Oh, she will prep for you.

She trained at the dojo for three years
She may have taken time off once or twice
When Sensei took her class aside to offer
Yellow Kukyu sounds so nice!
How could she resist such an offer?
She really needed something to show
Blue Rokkyu, please do not get angry
She'll get it and earn you, you know!

Cuz you're her blue Rokkyu
Her precious blue Rokkyu
Be back for you.
She'll test and get you.
Won't be so long, blue Rokkyu
Oh, lovely blue Rokkyu
Be back for you
Oh, she'll be ready for you.

Cuz she wants you blue Rokkyu with all her heart
And there's nothin' gonna tear you two apart
And if the world suddenly ran out of stripes,
She would get down on her hands and knees
To see if someone accidentally dropped a stripe in the dirt
And she would wash it off for you
Wipe it off for you
Clean that dirty stripe off just for you!

You are her Blue ... Rok ... Kyuuuuu!