Undercover Agent Pt.9

Jack looked around sharply and found an electronic hand dryer fastened securely to the wall. He stepped towards it and tore it from its hinges with his bare hands.

Heather was aghast to see such a feat of strength, and was equally shocked to see a flagrant disregard for the destruction for public property especially for a government agent.

Jack noticed her look of awe as he held the hand dryer in hand. "What?" he said questioningly. "I need for a weapon." He jerked a glance towards the door. "Distract the guard and I'll grab his weapon." He got behind the door and raised the hand dryer above his head, ready to strike. Heather looked at him and he nodded. "Open the door, but slowly."

She unlocked the door and slowly opened it, but her eyes went wide when she saw who it was. "Jenna?" she said.

"Heather?" she said. "Why is the door locked?"

Heather grabbed her arm and yanked her inside, shutting the door behind her. "Stop, Jack!"

Jenna shuffled scared to the sink when she saw the man holding the hand dryer.

"Heather? What's going on here?" she said.

"Jenna, what are you doing here?" Heather said.

"This is a bathroom, what else would I be doing in here," Jenna said. "Who's that?"

Jack lowered the hand dryer. "Jack, this is Jenna Betterman, a friend and co-worker of mine from the 28th floor. Jenna, this is Jack London, a CIA agent in trouble."

Jenna finally got a good look at Jack's clothes - they were torn, tattered and bloody. She gave him a thin smile. She turned back to her friend. "Heather, what's going on here?" she asked earnestly.

"I can't explain right now. You have to help us escape the building, they're looking for us," she said.

"Who is looking for you?"

Suddenly the handle to the door began to turn and it started to open. Heather had forgotten to lock it when she pulled Jenna in. Jack quickly pulled her behind the door. A security guard looked inside and saw Jenna.

The security guard looked very young and was in his early twenties. He was probably new to the job, from what Jack observed. "Excuse me, Ma'am, sorry to intrude, I know I shouldn't be in here, but I'm looking for a man," he started to say.

"Aren't we all," Jenna said judiciously.

The man smirked boyishly. "I don't mean in that matter, Ma'am," he said. "You didn't happen to see anyone suspicious hanging around the halls just now? Say, a man about 6'1, with black hair, and an average, muscular build, did you?"

"I wish I had, I'd ask him out," she said with an innocent smile.

"I would image you would," the security guard smiled. But then the conversion took an unusual and unexpected turn, from what Jack heard. "I know this may not be the perfect time, but I've seen you around the building, and are you free to grab a drink with me later?"

Jenna didn't know what to say. "Hum, sure," she finally said, saying anything to avoid the guard from finding Heather and Jack inside. Though she still didn't know why they were hiding.

"That's great!" he smiled happy. "My name's--"

"Nighthawk, have you found them?" The guard heard his name called by his superior from down the hall and looked at his direction.

"No, sir, they're not here," Nighthawk replied back.

"Then search for them elsewhere," he ordered. "It's urgent we find them."

"Yes, sir." He turned back to Jenna and said quietly, "Gotta go." He smiled. "I'll call on your after my shift. You work in the Administration office, right?"

Jenna nodded.

He then left, and Jenna closed the door.

Jack lowered the hand dryer. "That was awkward, but nice work," he said.

"Was that Johnny Nighthawk?" Heather said.

Jenna said, "Yes."

"Oh, he's cute, and he's just your age, too."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Meaning, you finally have a date," Heather smiled happy. "You always said you never have enough time to go out because you're always swamped with work. Now, you have one, and with one of the security guards, and excellent choice, too."

"It's only a drink, and I only said I'd see him to protect you two," she said.

"And I thank you for your sacrifice, Jenna," Jack said. "But I really wish I could've gotten his gun."

"What happens now?" Heather said.

"We wait until the guards leave the floor and then--"

Suddenly the door opened wide, and Johnny Nighthawk stood there, with a smile, and said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you when my shift ended."

Johnny's eyes widened when he saw Jack and Heather in the bathroom, quickly going for his gun. But Jack grabbed him and threw him to the floor, snatching the gun from his side holster and pressed it against his right temple. "Do what I say and I won't kill you," he said.

Johnny nodded, terror-stricken, and obeyed.

-- tbc