A/N: This is a story that I first made up. Then my cousin helped me fix it up. We made this up when my four year old cousin wouldn't go to sleep. We were trying to scare her, and it worked cause she's asleep now. Please R & R.

A long time ago there lived a witch that ate any kid that was bad. Any kid that disobeyed their parents didn't eat, likes biting their fingers, and don't sleep get eaten when they're alone.

One night a little girl named Melody was disobeying her mom and wouldn't sleep, she was also biting her fingers.

Because she wasn't behaving her mom told her, "Melody, you need to listen to me or else the witch that lives nearby will eat you."

Melody replied, "Witches aren't real. It's just something that you made up."

After she finished talking she ran outside and it was snowing. As she walked farther from her house it started to snow bigger.

She started to run quickly and finally she found shelter at an old abandoned house. She started to explore the house a bit and a door nearby suddenly swung open.

Inside the room appeared a person wearing a pointy, tall hat. This person's nose was really long and held an old looking broom. As this person came out of the shadows Melody was able to see that the person's lips were black and very huge. The person had green eyes that gave Melody the creeps as she met them.

As she looked closely she realized that this was the witch her mom spoke of.

The witch suddenly said "Ha, finally I've found another disobedient child. That's good because I'm very hungry right now."

The witch opened her mouth wide and at that very moment Melody heard screams of children screaming for her to run away, but Melody wasn't able to move because the witch put a curse on her.

The witch swallowed Melody in one bite. When she reached the witch's stomach she saw a lot of other disobedient children there.

She asked the children what was going on and a boy replied that the witch eats bad kids and now they all wish that they weren't so bad.

At that very moment Melody, herself, wished that she'd listened to her mom and hadn't run off.

Suddenly she felt someone shaking her. She opened her eyes and saw that it was her mom. She instantly hugged her mom tightly.

She loudly said, "I'll always listen to you from now on. I'll never run off somewhere ever again."

Her mom replied rather confused, "Melody, what happened?"

Melody said unwillingly, "I dreamed of the witch that you talked about. It was so scary. It ate me!"

Her mom smiled, "Don't worry Melody. As long as you behave from now on you'll never meet the witch again."

That was the last day that Melody was ever bad. She became a well behaved child. Everyone loved her dearly… The end!