The Dark Enigma

"Alls I'm sayin' is tha' we had real guns we could be, like, totally… ya know," said Thomas O'Malley a security Guard for OmniCorp, the largest technological research company in the world.

"Yeah I know," said Lester Carter, Thomas' partner.

A sweaty man in a grey Armani suit walked by carrying a steel suitcase.

"Hello Mr. LaBorne," said the two guards.

"G-good evening boys," said the man.

Tobias LaBorne was the transport executive for OmniCorp for the past 30 years. All those years, every transport went off with out a hitch. This was the last night. His instincts told him something was amiss. He felt eyes on him. Hot, penetrating gazes from nowhere.

Tobias went into a room that was relatively empty, emitting a few chairs, and tables. At the far end was a huge vault down. About 20 feet in diameter, 3 feet thick, and securely locked. Toward the bottom was a gray dome. Tobias but his hand on top of the dome. It flashed red and the bottom half slid down to reveal a small key board. He punched in the access code. Again he felt the eyes on him.

The door slid to one side offer entrance. The vault behind it was dark. A single light shone down on a podium inside a glass tube that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. Tobias walked up to the tube.

Tobias cleared his throat, "Tobias LaBorne requesting access."

"Voice print: match, command received: access granted," came a computerized voice.

The tube slid up into the light. Tobias opened the suitcase and withdrew a orb with a red line around outside. He put it on the cushioned surface of the podium. He pressed a hidden red button beneath the podium.

"Tobias LaBrone close reticule," Tobias said then breathed a sigh of relief.

The tube closed. Tobias closed the suitcase and gazed at the orb. There was a sound of a muffled landing behind and a few quick footsteps behind him. Tobias wipped around, but saw no one. He glanced around.

He slowly walked out of the vault. When he got out, the motion sensors activated, closing the vault door. Tobias withdrew a handkerchief from his back pocket and dabbed his forehead. It was all over. Or it seemed.

Inside the vault a figure walked out from the darkness into the very edge of the light. He was tall, with an all black smooth, gleaming, Kevlar body suit. He had a silver belt which came to a buckle of a symbol that was a white circle with a black x over it. Strapped to his left thigh was a brown leather bag. His mask had no openings, and showed no facial expressions.

He held out a silver disc. He pressed the top. There was three small beeps.

"Tobias LaBrone requesting access," came Tobias' voice from the disc.

"Voice print: match, command received: access granted," said the voice.

The tube slid away revealing the orb. The figure put way the disc and rubbed his hands together. He picked up the orb and put in the bag. Immediately alarms sounded and red light flashed in the hallways and every room.

In the main corridor Lester and Thomas pulled out their tasers and began to run. In the stairwell to the parking lot Tobias dropped the suit case and sprinted to the vault.

"I knew it," he sputtered.

When Tobias entered the emergency code and the door rolled back he was meet a black booted heel. Tobias slid backwards on the floor. He rose a pulled out a 9mm. From his shoulder holster.

The figure laughed. His voice was smooth and suave.

"Your not real! I know it," said Tobias, holding the gun nervously at the figure.

"The Dark is as real as ever," said the figure. He held up a silver ring with a black x through it. He threw it full force hitting the gun out of Tobias' hand. Tobias fainted in shock.

The Dark ran down the hallway. He was met by Lester and Thomas.

"Freeze," said the two holding up the tasers. Dark threw two silver orbs at Thomas' taser. It exploded in a cloud of white. The taser was melting and crumpling.

"Acid!" screamed Thomas. Lester fired but Dark caught the cables before they hit. He used the cables like a whip and whipped the taser out of Lester's hand and whipped it into Thomas' face. Thomas fell backwards into the wall and collapsed.

"Nice try," said Dark. He pressed a glowing blue Dark symbol on the back of his hand. Dark faded away until he wasn't there. "But not good enough," came his voice.

There was a blur in the corner of Lester's eye. A force hit Lester across the face. He had been punched enough times to know it was a fist. An invisible fist.

Lester fell on his knees. Lester to looked up. At first it appeared no one was there, but on close inspection there was a blur where Dark was. Lester took a boot in the chest. He was lifted off the ground and was instantly knocked unconscious.

Dark reappeared and pressed the symbol on his utility belt. Behind him were the footfalls of many more guards. Dark turned to a large window overlooking the street below. Dark held out an open palm. A blue beam of light fired his hand and hit the window, the light covered the window. When the beam faded out the window was gone.

Six guards stopped in front of Dark. They raised ther guns and looked very, very angry. Dark just waved and chuckled. With that he leaped out the 16th story windoe opening. The guards looked out the window in awe.

Dark reached behind him to the back of his belt and pulled out a grappling hook. It had a hand grip with the firing mechanizes and curved blade on the back of his hand. The blade fired out and wrapped around s flag pole.

Dark swung into the shadows and then he was gone.

It had been three hours since Lawrence High School had let out and Cassandra still sat in the police station waiting for her sister, Detective Steele, to come back. She sat her desk, adjacent to her partner, Detective Walls, who was also out.

She was surfing the web when she saw a picture on top of a huge manila folder stuffed with papers. It was a security camera snap shot of…someone, or something in a hallway. It was large black blur by two guards. She stared at it. It seem to call to her, she felt attached to it, like it was important in some way.

That's when her sister slammed her hand on the desk. Cassandra jumped.

"What did I tell you Cassy," Detective Steele

"Don't call me Cassy," Cassandra retorted

"What did I tell you."

"How 'bout I call you Verony instead of Veronica."

"Your name is Veronica!" Came the voice of Detective Walls. He was about 5' 11' and a bit on the chubby side. He was about 37, and beginning to go bald. He had a goatee, which he considered his lifeline to his youth. Despite all the flaws he had a heart of gold and was a loyal friend to the end.

Cassandra smiled as soon as she saw Joshua Walls. He was as much a close friend to her as he was to her sister.

"Yes! Veronica Lindsay Steele," Cassandra said getting out of her sister's seat.

"Well, this is news, for the past three years it was either Detective, or detective Steele," scoffed Detective Walls.

"And it will stay that way," said Detective Steele.

"Here's the new Artist renderings of our Mr. Dark guy, we got it off a Lester Carter…a security guard at the OmniCorp building," said Detective Walls handing Veronica a couple sheets of paper.

It was the shape of a head, with no defining features, no features whatsoever for that matter. "This is a head shape, and a neck," said Detective Steele.

"I know," said Detective Walls leaning back in his chair.

"Whose Mr. Dark?" asked Cassandra.

"No, no the Dark, some teenage thief. Steals high tech gizmos, takes what he needs to improve his own armory and sells the rest on the black market and whatnot," said Detective Walls. "We've been chasing him for about seven months now. Never get close enough to actually know if the guy's real."

"Personally I think it just rumors used to cover up a huge crime syndicate, I mean a teen avoiding the police for this long and getting away with this degree of theft," said Veronica.

"Hey, stranger things have happened, I mean did you guys hear about that armored freak thing that's suppose to be like monster hunting in New York," blurted Cassandra.

"Yes," said the two detectives in unison.

"Well, our first order of business is to go to OmniCorp and see if we can spot some clues," said Detective Walls getting to his feet.

"Cassandra, I'll drop you off at home on the way over," said Detective Steele.

"No! I wanna come with," said Cassandra. For some odd reason she wanted to believe Dark existed, very badly. She needed him to exist, for reasons unknown to her she had to at least see him in the flesh.

"Hey just let her come, it's only a crime scene, there is no danger," said Detective Walls.

"Fine, come on!" said Dectective Steele reluctantly.

They were on the way. But unannounced to them they're also being watched…