She found herself battling
again, just as before
A routine encounter that
would become much more

Her attack was planned
She was ready, yet unaware
as she recklessly led herself
right into its freezing glare

She could not turn away
Eyes pulsated, gleamed, and shone
as they changed her tender form
Feet upward, flesh into stone

Both legs were swiftly encased
as apprehension developed
Nervous, her heart began to race
before it too was enveloped

Quickly, fears filled her mind
Soon to be dead, for all she knew
Right as the aura subsided
Leaving just a mundane statue

The creature triumphed
Retreating back into its lair
Ushering in a dark age
With but a simple stare

Everlasting life had cursed her
Able well to hear and see
Feeling cold, heavy, and helpless
Staring forward for all eternity

Time passed all too slowly
with ancient evils filling the air
Her humanity slowly diminished
as it gave way to despair

A hidden monument to the past
Trapped, she wanted to scream
Once a prophetic princess
Now simply art, it would seem.