The Voices of Your Youth

I am your future.

I am your legacy.

And when you are gone,

I am your memory.

This world that you're creating,

You're leaving it to me.

Now just take a look around-

Is this how it should be?

Should we still be fighting wars

And killing off our own?

Is this what you're teaching me

To do when I am grown?

Should it still be normal for

A teen to take her life?

Should true love be uncommon

Between a man and wife?

Should it still be a 'service'

To kill an unborn child?

Should politics be fervent,

And faith be meek and mild?

Speak, then do the opposite,

Kill a child, save a tree.

Is this the best example

Of what I ought to be?

Is this what I'm to follow?

The path I'm bound to tread?

Ere you protest, remember-

By actions am I led.

I am your children,

The voices of your youth.

Crying out as one-

Please help me find the truth.