I've thought a lot about my future. It's kind of amusing to think of how you'll someday be a grown up and everyone will respect you, or not. Someday all these math classes I've taken, the Web Design, the English III Honors, the AP American History. All of it to get me there, to make me into an adult. To make me into something. I'm not entirely sure what, but something, something that's useful to society as a whole. But sometimes I also think about what it would be like to do nothing, to have as much money as I needed, safety and comfort. Would I be happy? Would I play World of Warcraft, pwn some noobs and be happy, sincerly happy with my life? Would I read a book, write a few, play a game and go to a concert and be happy with what I'd done? Would the world be different because of me?

I think that's why people want to grow up to be something. that's why when a mother asks her children "what do you want to be when you grow up?" they say firefighters, race car drivers, doctors and lawyers. Because they want to be the people that everyone talks about. The people that everyone cares about. The people that everyone won't know, but they'll love.