The mermaid

She must have just left the sea

Her hair and lips

Smelled of the sea until morning

Her rising and falling breast was like the sea

I knew she was poor

But you can't talk of poverty of all time

Gently, next to my ear

She sang songs of love

Who knows what she has learned and experienced

In her life fighting the sea

Patching fish nets, casting fish nets, gathering fish nets,

To remind me of spiny fish

Her hands touched my hands.

That night I saw, I saw it in her eyes;

How lovely the sea has risen in the open sea

Her hair taught me about waves;

I tossed and tossed around dreams

Orhan Veli

Chapter 1.

Growing up I had always sought refugee by the sea, in a small cave on the far edge of the beach, where the fine grain sand grew thicker and thicker finally transforming into smooth rocks. The cave was no ordinary cave, well that's what I believe, I'm sure of it. Someone or something lived in the cave many years ago; the walls are covered with paintings of fish and people with fins. Coming from a rich family I could not confide in anyone about my cave. If I had spoken of this to my kin they would surely bar my windows and lock my rooms. I long for a normal life away from the life of elaborate balls, clothes and life style. I am the fifth daughter of a great lord in Ireland…

She frowned, it seemed quite lifeless and dull; it was certainly not something she wanted in her new diary. Dropping her quill she sighed, she could hear her brother's laughter and felt a longing to be out there with them just like when she was a child. But now she was a young lady of seventeen and she must act in a respectable manner.

"Lady Grace have you finished your letter?" her tutor asked her awaking to find her staring outside of the window. "No madam" she replied automatically due to years of training. "You want to be outside do you not" her tutor asked her reading her mind, "well…yes" she said lost for words. "You know how important your lessons are if you…" her tutor began "are to get a fine husband" Grace finished "huh!! Silly child" she muttered under her breath. "I heard that!" she cried indigently her tutor merely grunted and placed her head upon the desk as before and was snoring away before Grace could say anything. Tiring of education she rose and walked quietly to the door careful not to disturb her tutor.

Realising she had forgotten her dairy she sneaked back to the table and while she was there she picked up a quill and a bottle of ink. "Silly child, don't know why I even bother..." her tutor murmured. She pouted and resisted shouting in her ear "I can hear you, you stupid woman!!" she smiled at the delicious thought. She did not bother being discreet about leaving this time; she actually hoped her tutor awoke so her disappearance could have more of an effect.

And just like that she was free; she walked lightly her happiness apparent in every unladylike step she took. She spun around on her heel enjoying the feel of smooth material on her skin. She had only gotten as far as the third room when a voice called out her name, authority sounded on every syllable and she cringed with fear. She found herself reciting excuses in her mind. She took a deep breath "I was…" but the words died in her throat as she looked into the face of one of her brothers. He grinned widely "I really got you didn't I?" he laughed. She frowned "not so" she denied, he leant over and pinched her cheek lightly "don't lie; you should have seen the way you jumped". She blushed in shame "aw shut up!" she cried well naturedly, he placed his hands on his hips and surveyed her "besides that… what are you doing out of tutor class" he said slyly.

She raised her eyebrows "pretty obvious isn't it?" she said, he smiled "yes that's true…. Well I'm off, unlike you grace I actually have a life other than drugging my tutor". She gasped "I don't drug her!" he made his escape then "sure you don't" he called over his shoulder before disappearing down the staircase. "Stupid brothers" she muttered after him, she decided not to linger around and wait for another one of her brothers or sisters to find her. She knew for certain that that her youngest sister would tell her parents the little snipe that she was.

She travelled down the stairs with the grace of a swan. She felt her heart begin to thump faster as she realised that she was extremely close to the servant's quarters. Her parents thought she didn't know that they paid the servants extra for information on her actions. She had scoffed at the thought until she had been called up to her parents rooms. They had questioned her about her midnight wandering, she had felt betrayed when she found out that the person that had first told her parents was a girl she considered a close friend. She grinded her teeth as she thought about it, she still hadn't forgiven her for selling her out. She peered around a corner before she dared to step fully out into the open. "Miss Grace?" a masculine voice asked she jumped and spun around a young man stood behind her a smile shy smile on his face. Her face burned as she stared at him.

She recognised him as the new male doors man, she hadn't realised he was so ….charming. He had intense blue eyes that made her knees go weak; his hair was golden and curled slightly on his forehead. His cheeks were full which gave him the impression of being very young. His mouth was plump and red, he was beautiful. He had an aura about him that made her feel ashamed; he seemed princely compared to her. She watched his mouth tug at the side of his mouth she blinked startled as she realised that she had been staring at him with her mouth open. Blushing furiously she babbled "um I was just going for a walk" he laughed which made her feel better; she smiled gratefully at him "please don't tell my parents". He smiled knowingly and she felt she had known him all her life. He gave her a business like nod and was off she stood dumbly and watched him walk away. How could she have missed him, from afar he had looked like any other doorman they hired. She quickly disappeared out of sight, unlike him there were ones that would speak out without a thought and claim the reward.

She breathed sharply as a shadow played against the wall in front of her, luckily the figure turned the other way and did not continue on to discover her. At last she turned around the last bend, the tapestry slowly moved as a breeze from a nearby window fluttered in. The tapestry depicted her mother, young and beautiful standing hand in hand with her Aunty. Their faces showed youth and a some what cheeky appearance. This surely couldn't be her mother; the mother she knew was boring and strict. They both stood on a cliff over the sea with seagulls visible in the background. She had remembered how her parents had argued over it some years ago now. Her father had wanted to throw it away saying that they need not be reminded of her aunty.

Her mother had stubbornly refused and came out victorious. When she had asked about her Aunty she was told never to ask again and her mother dissolved into tears before her. That was the only time she had ever seen her mother cry and she never wanted to see it again so she never dared to ask about her for a second time despite her growing curiosity. She stepped forward once again breathless at the magnificence of the tapestry. Grace drew back to left corner of the tapestry, it was there like always. The little black door that she had discovered years ago while playing hide and go seek. She had fitted perfectly in the doorway but now that she was older and bigger she had to stoop to fit. Darkness enveloped her as she closed the door behind her and she moved forwards going deeper and deeper down the passage.

When she had been younger she had not been afraid of companions sharing the passage but as she had grown older she had become more and more aware of what lurked in the shadows. Spiders were her worst fears and every motion forward filled her with unseen horror. She had only encountered one spider before and it left her somewhat traumatised. She felt relief wash over her as her hand reached the other door at the other end. Placing two hands against the door she pushed, it seemed to take hours before the door finally gave way.