By Fujimi

The winds flutter the leaves at your feet,
Tossing and tumbling right by you.
Never giving a second glance.
And you move on, holding your head up high.
The winds blow through your hair,
But you don't listen.

A stone stands in your path.
Obtrusive and staunch, it is blocking your way.
The winds don't bother it, you think bitterly,
As you stare at it,
Thinking how it won't ever move away from you;
It will drag you down,
Staying in your thoughts.

The winds blow through the trees,
The leaves flutter down, landing softly on the stone.
You sit and wait for a chance to move on.
But you are staying here for eternity.
Nursing your grudges,
At the winds that don't stop—
That don't give you a second glance—
And the stone that is forever in your path—
Steadfast under your incessant glare.

Sitting, trying to escape but don't know how.
Holding your grudges 'til there's nothing left.
And the leaves turn to stone,
Right before your eyes.
As the winds wave across the path you were supposed to take.

(Hoseki: Precious stone.)

20 July 2006