The Only Difference in the World

Upon reading Stop and Think, I received many reviews. Thank you reviewers!!! But something that was also said to me about this issue, not just by reviewers but also by my family and friends, is how can one single person not eating an animal make a difference?

I'm going to ask you two questions before answering that common comment. What kind of difference do you want to make? There are so many kinds; do you want to put a dent in food industries everywhere so that veganism and vegetarianism become a worldwide affair? Or do you want to make a difference in an animal's life?

For the first difference, you'd need to start a protest, maybe by your local food store, and have the protest become so big it's televised (all while staying in legal limits, no sacrificing here people, sorry). For the second difference, all you'd need to do is maybe pick up a few vegetarian burgers instead of meat burgers when you go shopping. It may not make a difference to the world or change much of anything, but it'll make a difference of life and death for the animal you're not eating. And in reality, isn't that the biggest difference of them all?

My second question is this: Humans naturally want to affect others; they do things so that it will affect others. Think about every thing you do during a normal day, who do you do those things for? Yourself or others? Feeding a pet, that's for others. Sitting around watching TV all day, that's for yourself. Making yourself a meal, that's for you, but not using as much salt because you know then your family wouldn't have any for dinner, that's for others too. Just think about it, then tell me if you want to make a difference by affecting other people, or do you want to make a difference that may mean all the difference in the world to just one animal?

I've been fighting to affect people all my life with this subject, and I've gotten nowhere. Peta has had to resort to violence a number of times to get their opinions across. The facts are that if you really want make to make a difference, don't go for the big numbers, the difference lies your own choices that you make everyday. The difference lies in the animal. Your choice may not mean much to anyone else, maybe not even yourself, but think of what your choice means to that animal.

How can one single person not eating an animal, make a difference?

It won't be a big difference, but you may have just made the only difference in the world to one animal.