The Princess...of Night

She stands alone in her own world,

Waiting for someone to rescue her.

The princess of lost hopes

And of dreams unheard.

She watches, she waits

For her hero to come.

To save her from the sorrow,

To save her from the pain.

She sits alone in her castle tower,

Staring in the mirror.

The sun is setting beyond the horizon.

The night draws ever near.

She dreads the night

Though 'tis yet to come.

She wants to bypass the darkness,

To stay in the light.

She sees no way out.

No other option

The long awaited hero not in sight

The sun almost gone

She unsheaths a blade.

Golden-handled, shining, friendly blade

And with one quick stab throught the heart

Just as the sun sets...

She awakens in the morning.

The night was pure hell.

She knows it, thought wishes 'twas not true.

She's doomed to live another day.