I say "Give me guidelines,
Give me boundaries,
I'm a paint-by-numbers kind of girl."
You say "Screw the guidelines
And the boundaries –
I live in an abstract kind of world."

And you try to bring me into it
And I fight you to stay out of it
And I tell you that I want to know just where I stand with you.
And I'm so afraid to tell you what it is I want,
ecause I'm scared
You think I expect things of you that I'm not sure I do.

And I don't know what I should expect
And I don't know what you want from me
And I don't know how to tell you how I feel,
And I worry that I'm doing wrong
And that somehow you'll leave me soon
And I'll find that what I thought we had was never really real.

And they say that I should argue with you
And stand up for myself
And that half of our relationship is still based upon my choice;
But I worry, too, that you'll hate me
And how can I disagree with you
When I call you fifteen times a day, just to hear your voice?

And I worry more than anything
That maybe you're ashamed of me
But I know accusations won't get me anywhere,
So whatever it is you decide I guess I'll go along,
Even if I feel sometimes it's more than I can bear.

And the Technicolor of your world –
Sometimes it blurs my vision;
Maybe coloring outside the lines isn't my thing.
So for now, I'll live in monochrome
Until we see how this thing goes
And I'll follow this whatever-it-is, whatever it may bring.

So until then I guess we're still
Each other's dirty secret-
And for awhile I guess I can do that, if you want me to;
But… just remember, little things
Still hurt more than I know they should-
And just because I don't tell you doesn't mean it isn't true.

So if and when we get to be
Everything I dream of,
Maybe then I'll get to see the colors the same way that you do.
But until then, my palette's made
Of black and white and shades of gray
And I'm content in my monochrome to be content with you.