Bade Farewell
by: trista groulx

It's been one year since we bade farewell
One year since you shattered what was left of me
I believed the shards would never again piece together
Here I am one year hence, put together once again
With no use for your toxic air
For my world does not need your pollutants
Who will get the last laugh now?
I do believe it may be me
For I know that when you see who you threw away
For you did force us to bid farewell
When you see the truth which shone so bright
The blame shall fall solely unto you
For my burden it has been lifted, 'twas you
I grasped at a hand to help me to heal
When it only crippled holding me down
You threw it all away
You forced me to leave, to rebuild
And now I am stronger then at our beginning
For I no longer breathe your poisons
And I no longer feed the hand which held me down
It's been one year since we bade farewell
One year now since I thought I was shattered beyond repair
But now I see how I am put together
By my own hand, and by my own healing
Knowing one day you shall see the truth
The truth I sought to teach
I will never allow myself to breath such toxic air
It was your doing to bid farewell
Now all I need is my own clean air to thrive
Adieu, as they say, for I am better off now