My Friend

My dear friend, your smile shines so very bright,

I feel happiness with just the look of your sight.

My world seems to fit perfectly with yours,

With your presence, my soul swiftly soars.

"We're like the same people," to all I remind,

"It's almost as if we both share the same mind."

Everything seems to work so out clearly when you're around,

Amongst the other rocks, you're a precious jewel that I've found.

You're my best friend and you're truly all mine,

Together, we have that ultimate shine.

When you're out hiding away from your deepest fear,

I will hold you tight and let you know that I'm here.

And when your eyes fill with liquid of such sorrow,

I will give you my courage, to keep or to borrow.

No doubt I will make the clouds thunder when you're mad,

You know I'd do anything for you, might I willingly add.

My eternal bliss shall end when you are gone,

I need you forever, be it night or dawn.

I know our friendship is one I will keep 'til the end,

You are a friend I can count on to help me defend.

Losing your companionship will rip out my heart,

I always required your love, even in the start.

Life is completely empty without your cheerful laughter and helpful hand,

When I have a problem, I come to you, because I know you'll understand.

You've had my back when others just left me in the dust,

It's good to know that I have someone like you to trust.

Thanks for being a part of my life and making it a blast,

Our friendship is forever, and forever it shall last.

The stars gleam with vivid brightness and remind me of you,

For you're the light that helps me see, but if only you knew.

A/N: Hm, I wrote this for my friend (obviously) and she said it turned out well when I showed it to her, but I personally don't think it's that good. (sigh) Ah well, maybe I'll do better next time. :) Reviews are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!