"You ought to stay in there a while more," my brother says with a hard smile and soft eyes as he presses his shoulder against the iron bars of the jail cell he's so kindly decided to break me free from. Being in the military does give one a rather useful standpoint when it comes to freeing a person. I'd feel considerably better about the whole thing if I didn't know that he happens to be the reason I'm in here, and if he hadn't said that.

My eyes, a deep brown color that match his own, run up and down his attire. He looks considerably dashing even when he's being a jackass. His brown curls similar to my ginger ones are pulled back with a ribbon and his suit is velvet. I'm covered in mud and have shackles loosely connecting my wrists. I'm positive I don't look nearly as calm as he does. I don't really wish to be punished for a crime I did to suffice his passions. "Oh, I ought to, hm? And who do you suppose would be here if I hadn't helped you in the first place, you worthless excuse for human? Bloody well let me out."

"Talk that like that I'll have to rethink my offer," he laughs, holding up the keys just far enough that even if I could reach my arms through the bars in a normal manner without breaking a shoulder, I still couldn't get them. I'm far more inclined to just prop my feet up on the wall and hold my hands against my forehead from the floor which is lined with old hay, a scent I cannot stand for my life and have had to deal with for one night and day. "What sense would it make for me to free a criminal brother in the first place? I am a militant man; it serves me no good if I am to think you foul and willing to be a product of misconduct once more."

"Militant are you? I should say you don't seem so militant with your hands elbow deep in – " He sharply glares and I'm silenced as he puts the key back into the keyhole and frees me. I don't get up, and he doesn't come to me. He throws the ring of keys at me and lets me fish around for the right one to unlock myself, which takes awhile but I achieve.

My wrists are rubbed raw from the chains that I saw no point in fighting against when they were placed upon me. I know full well that if one fights them they would dig against my flesh, as I've seen it on criminals plenty of times. I take to my feet and start dusting off my pants which are smothered with dirt in the same amount as my shirt. My sleeves were at one time a fair ivory white, but they're a deep brown and the folds are caked with old mud. I chose to not waste any more shirts save for this one, and since then have wore no other shirt when out 'to be a product of misconduct once more'.

He scrunches a light freckle spotted nose at me as I make my way up the familiar stone stairs, giving a hearty laugh at my appearance. "You smell absolutely rancid. I shall have to waste money and buy you a bath, brother, as I do not wish to have such a stench within our home." He says this as if our home does not already reek of bodily perfumes to hide the oily scents of rotted skin within its doors. I can swear I smell the things in the breads left to become stale on the shelves.

"Bother me another time, as I'm sick of you pretending that I am alone guilty of your crimes. I wouldn't even do these … inhuman deeds if it weren't for my love for you. So don't you speak to me of stench, when I must put up with the eternal smell of brimstone from you, Theo," I snap as I push through the door. His hand comes up to ruffle through my hair, but it falls short with a police officer walks up, standing in a very regal manner. His eyes match with Theo's eyes and then mine. The look he gives me knocks the annoyance right out of me, and I feel myself bite the corner of my tongue to keep from saying something cruel and ending up both up in a cell for the night.

"Dr. Breen," he nods at my brother, narrowing his eyes to me a little. "Nathaniel," he spits out, almost as if speaking my name alone has diseased him. I assume this is because general outsiders believe me to be kept around my brother as more of a slave than anything, and though I listen to his every word I choose to not think of myself as such. I am employed under the title of assistant, something far different.

He very clearly ignores me from then on, speaking directly to my brother alone. "This is the third time in a year your brother has been caught in that graveyard, Theodore, and I will not have it another time. You pardon him very time possible, but he was caught with shovel in hand this time, closing up a hole. I know what you have been up to, and as your friend I must give you fair warning. If there is one more time he is caught he will be sent to the gallows, and I will feel it my duty to report you for them as well. Do not cross my path again under these circumstances with me once more, doctor. I love you as my friend as I do care that you are not put to death. Do not punish me for your misdeeds."

My brother's eyes glisten a little as if a brilliant muse has painted an idea upon his brain, and he nods his head. I love that look in his eyes, for it means he has an experiment in mind. Just a chance to see that look would make me do anything. He brings a hand up and puts it on my shoulder, giving a wide smile to the officer. "Why, of course, my good sir. I shant let it happen again. Now, if you would be so kind and if you do love and care as you say, may I have the oil lamp you confiscated from my brother back and filled?"

The man gives an annoyed sounding puff of air before walking away. He returns with a lit oil lamp and hands it to my brother, not myself, obviously not trusting what I would do with such a thing. He holds it up and bows his head respectfully to the man, as do I, before we make our way into the dark street. He hands the lamp off to me, and I hold it up rather content with myself.

When we have walked a block in the dark, I look up at a candlelit window before turning back to my brother, smiling to him. The white wax of the candle has almost completely melted down the stone side of the building, and seems to have been forgotten there. The fire flickers in the wet and cold night breeze as the sound of a horse's hooves against brick roads smacks from behind us. "Nathaniel?" he says to me, glancing over to catch a sheen from the fire in his eyes. "Have you ever thought about using a live specimen?"

"Wouldn't they die, brother? I should assume a knife through anyone, alive or dead, should cause death."

My brother appears thoughtful before looking back over to me. "Why, I'm not sure exactly. There is hardly any blood when I open a cadaver, but then again there is also a heart not pumping from within the creature's chest." He appears thoughtful once more. "What if we did keep a bucket of pig's blood to pour back into the living cadaver to keep them well supplied with blood? I would rather like to see organs working in the open air."

I give a laugh and smile at my brother. Theodore Breen is an excellent doctor, but his hobby is not healing people. My brother prefers to slice open those who are beyond the chance to healing so that he may better understand the human form. Occasionally a grieving family will donate a body to our cause, though this is rare and neither of us broadcast my brother's exploits with the human body. It is illegal for him to perform a post-mortem, and it is even more so to do some of the things that he does to the bodies that I gather for him.

I constantly find myself in a jail cell having been caught in the graveyards under the terms of bodysnatching. I see no reason why it is I can't dig up a body and take it. In fact, I was caught this last time taking the corpse of a dead woman that served as a whore and fell dead nameless. I had been filling the empty hole when a man serving the nightshift caught me.

Theo had already been making his way free of the graveyard with the woman dressed in a fine cloak and after painting her pale, cold cheeks a lush pink to make her seem drunk. She was not even a day buried, the dirt still fresh where she'd been stuck into the ground. He held her in his arms as any man would a hooker and road his horse into town.

The weather has been cold recently, which has helped to keep the woman from decomposing too greatly by the time we reach our home. She's lying splayed out on a table, and my brother has very clearly already performed the typical procedure upon her, as there is a large U shape dug into her chest and sewn back up cutting from one shoulder blade and down to the bush of curls between her thighs before swerving back upwards.

There is a man on the opposite table that it looks as if was put here must more recently, and the pink across the man's face tells me he was obtained much the same way she was. I don't ask who it was that dug up the specimen, as he may have been a present, and no one would question his clinging to a lush looking man, especially one as pretty as he is. My brother is known for being uncaring about whatever falls into his bed, and much to my personal appreciation, the only living thing to touch him is me.

I love the look that crosses my brother's face as he stares at the bodies, getting a very delicious smile that causes me to tilt my head to the side. He looks as if he's extremely curious about something. "Brother, as you were not here to make the proper recordings for me, I took the time in your absence to scribe for myself for both of them. However, as I had to work upon these two myself, then I would find it dear if you would help me with an experiment I have. I have already performed it upon the girl, as I know your tastes would never allow you to do such with her."

My eyelids flutter as he pulls his arms around me, grabbing the oil lamp and setting it upon the counter to light up our work station. He gets a truly fiendish look in his eyes as he gives me a light kiss before turning his arm out in a grand expression towards the man. "Will you help your loving brother? It would please me."

I nod my head without asking what it is that he wishes for me to do, and he leans forward to kiss me again, far more passion in it this time. He pulls the dirt streaked shirt off of me, and I give a gasp as I feel his heating hands slide down my neck and arms, falling at my sides gently. A doctor has very skilled hands, so that even a light touch can be an effective one.

I break the kiss he plants upon my lips, smiling at him. "Is this experiment or pleasure?"

He breaks my concentration as he begins unbuttoning his overcoat, his fingers not even shaking but mine definitely doing such. He looks up from his work to flash dark, glistening eyes as that same fiendish smile falls across his face. "Mm, but, Nathaniel, I consider them one and the same, or else no one is having any fun."

I lean in to kiss his ear as I push his hands away, fumbling on the buttons of his coat, and once it comes free I push it down his shoulders. He bends in to give me a kiss of congratulations for my achievement as he pulls his shirt over his head. I can already feel my body giving in to him as I press against him again, but he forces me back just enough to pull free my brown boots from my feet and allow my pants to fall freely to the ground to join them.

As his body comes back into contact with me I feel as if fire has spread itself through every vein within my body, most importantly the ones resting between my thighs. He glances down content with himself and brushes a hand over the skin he finds there, far used to my indecency by now. I pull free his belt and pants, him already having kicked himself free of his boots without me even noticing before now.

Theo pulls me hard against his naked form and I let out a slight groan of impatience. He kisses my lips and smiles before leaning back to whisper huskily within my ear. "If you wish to please me, then you must give in my desires, is this fine with you?" I give a breathy sounding yes only to have his contact with me leave. "I promise you I shall make this as enjoyable as possible." I can hear the seriousness and excitement in his voice alike as he presses me against the wooden table where the male cadaver lays. The deceased man's head is tilted back and the red in his cheeks is almost indecent in itself, especially when my brother pulls the body forwards.

I'm unaware of exactly what it is he's doing from behind me, but I feel something slick enter me from behind unexpectedly, but not unwanted. I wince at the pain, swallowing a lump in my throat when I feel his warm body press against me from behind. "My experiment," he says before pulling out and in once more. "Is whether a dead man can experience orgasm. The woman didn't, but it has always seemed harder in my opinion to please a woman anyways. Ravage him, or else I can return to my clothes right now and find someone willing to help me properly. You agreed that you would, and as employer, brother, and lover alike, I should hope you feel it is your obligation to obey me."

He pulls free of me and leaves me there, looking over at the dead man. My heart hits my chest, but the lack of my brother's touch leaves me cold. He tosses me a small metal tin of which has a sort of grease inside we use often. He pulls away, leaning against the wall and watching me. I hope that he's joking. He must be pulling a trick on me for having gotten arrested. That must be it.

I look upwards and see the familiar sheen of his eyes, lust being the soul effect those eyes fills me with it. It is his lust, but his eyes share it with me. He lusts for knowledge. I lust for him. I can't disobey. It wouldn't be right of me. It's not like we haven't broken the laws in the name of science plenty of times.

I dip my fingers into the grease, cringing at the feel of it, feeling it as well from behind me. I slide it into the dead body and turn my head away, feeling nausea at the thought of what I just did, but my hands work against me and I prepare him. My brother returns to my side at the side of it, and I feel his lips connect with the back of my neck.

I bite down into the my bottom lip and he turns and adjusts the body, causing it to make a familiar thump sound, clearly showing the body has hardened in the position my brother set it in. It's hardened with the legs perfectly separated. I can tell by the position of the legs that my brother is definitely not joking.

I slide within the cold, greasy body, feeling as if I'm going to vomit. My brother thrusts inside of me unexpectedly again, rocking my body forwards, deeper, and I shudder at the feeling. I'm not sure what's happening here, but I'm not stopping. No, I'm doing this for my brother.

My brother's hand reaches around me to grab the deceased man's genitals, which I'm sure must have hardened like the rest of his body, and I see him pumping them in time with the push he's forcing me to do. My breath betrays me and shortens, and without my control I begin panting. I can't deny the fact that I see some sort of pleasure in this, perhaps it is the sounds of my brother's breathing against my neck.

I try to ignore what it is I'm doing, glancing down to see the deceased man only once, the awkward angle of the body making the head fall back further, the mouth having been slightly separated. My shaking causing the body to quiver as well and I feel as if my legs are going to fall off from beneath me. I imagine the body is alive, most importantly warm, and panting alongside my brother and me.

My brother is the first to come from within me, but the pressure he applies and hard slams of his body against me make me join him. The cadaver moves slightly as I slam hard against it thanks to him, but I quickly pull free of him.

Theodore gives a disappointed look once his breath catches up to him, and I lean forward to gently kiss his eyebrow. "Now, now, brother, perhaps he likes women," I offer, and my brother gives a short laugh at my joke. I make jokes when nervous, and right now I definitely feel as if a bath would be a warm welcome.

The look in Theo's eyes show that his mind is in another place, and I feel my heart retch. I place a series of chaste kisses to his lips besides this, and I notice a small smile cross his face. "Yes. That must be it, and hookers hardly ever give in to the advances of a person." He nods his head and leans forward to press a passionate kiss to my lips once more, and despite my disgust at the act I've just committed, I feel myself ready to do it again at his request. The look my brother gets in his eyes when he is learning is all that I need to do such a horrid thing again.

Theo leans forward to press his lips against my jawbone, and I give a smile as he wraps his arms about me. "Ah, brother, I believe you have just given me an idea. Perhaps we need someone that we know will give in."

"Can it not be cold this time?" I say, scrunching up my nose a little. He pretends to ignore me however and continues, pressing his lips further down to my collarbone and sucking upon it.

"Well, I believe I can arrange something like that."


"We'll just have to start with a living cadaver." My brother bites down gently and I give a quiver at his suggestion, finding myself oddly drawn to the thought. "That is, if you'd still like to be my assistant that is…"

I give a small laugh as I lift up his head to press against him hard and kiss him again.

I could not give my job up for the world.