Can't cross myself

So contradicting

Take a look at yourself

Look your bleeding

Can't touch the sky

So beautiful

Looks at the stars

Watch them glow

Passing you by without hope in your eyes

Lives lie in ruin, from your demise

Can't quite reach it, not your possession

I'll snatch from, behind

Can't stop the bleeding

Cut the wrist now

Can't stop the aching

Noose 'round my neck

Can't feel my limbs

Anesthetics kicking in

Take a look, behind you

Progress passing up and moving on

Can't stop and rewind time

Stop fucking up, too late, it's too late

Now...move on...

The future

I can hear it screaming

I can see it bleeding, peeling

The skin off the bone

Disintegrate Integrate

Into our times now

Before you fall

Behind me