I do the wrong things right.

When I am not supposed to do it,

It works when I think it can't and I won't.

For others, it seems not to flinch.

I do the right things wrong

I think them through and it blows up in my face

I am nothing

But I am me goddamnit

No matter what my psyche may say.

I should stick to what I believe

Not go against it

But I fail so well at what I try to do

And do so well at what should fail.


Bitter agony

Sweet tender moments of bliss

Then a spike through the heart

Because I did what I thought was right


And I try.

I try.

I try so I can see something done.

I work to it so my fingers ache at the reach

And end up sticking my hand in the mud.

Leave it there

You worked so hard

Leave it there

Make the mud work

Love the dirt and grime and try to understand it

So you can loose it after trying so hard.

Move on to the dirt you worked on last

Move to safety so you don't get hurt again

Die a little

Then grow beyond expectations.

Grow past it all

But unable to move beyond what I know

Stuck growing in one place

Without anyone to call my own or to call me thiers