White Picket Fence

His arms gently wrapped round her,
Comfort, from his touch, safe with him,
Only he, only now, nothing mattered, only now.
His hands twined with hers, seeking the touch.

They would walk, laugh, and smile.
Their dirty little secret, she would say,
Hush now lets keep it that way, lets
Not crash, lets live in each other.

White picket fence, little house on the prairie,
Salvation, something that was only in her grasp,
Her saviour, in the kitchen cooking, he always knew.
Do you? How does she like her beans on toast?

The big things always tough to handle, but survived.
The small things always played on his mind.
Someone to save him, take him away.
Away from his nightmare, away from his hell.

She would cuddle with him, long days work,
Done! Both comfort in each others arms,
Each world coming together - Home, work, kids.
The dream, they both feel it, love!

The autumn leaves scatter, as the breeze stirs.
He walks home, anticipation in the cool air.
He sees her through the window, his only thought,
'I'm gonna marry that girl!'.

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