and she stays bloodshot beautiful:

while the plane ride passes her by

she's sleeping like a six month year old,

drool running down parted lips.

and she stays childishly colorful:

while the taxi stops short and

she's jerking awake like a nightmare,

hands grabbing for a knife that's invisible.

and she stays lethargically lovely:

a tension in her bones that threatens

to snap but evaporates with alcohol

and a hit of smoke.


and don't cry if she's doesn't find

her way through the alleys

to home.

she's a bloodshot drunk and it

shows in the open red veins

that splinter under frail skin.

her steps are small and crooked

like that of a child

the one inside her stomach:

a precipice of older now


she might stay beautiful but

her fingernails are broken with pain

he pounded so hard on the door;

but she was long gone


it's only a hundred feet down to


jumpjumpjump whispers the empty air


open eyes are bloodshot beautiful,

snapped bones are lethargically lovely,

and the splattered blood is

childlishly colorful.