"I wish it was raining," A glare flashed across the reflection of the teenager sitting across from Kail, black eyes fiery and bright. Throwing her head behind her should, those cold yet burning eyes searched the light outside of her bedroom window. She hissed at the daylight and warmth that entered so easily through the window pane's dirty glass. She turned back to the mirror. Attaching one hand upon her solid dresser before her, she leaned forward, chest falling out of its tank-top, exposing the bones of her collarbone and mound of her feminine identities.

Black and purple tips dragged across that mound of flesh, and her eyes transformed into narrow points, never accepting the tears she felt behind that wall. Find the ice to fight with fire. Become numb to become powerful.

Her power was never to be enhanced here. She had reached the plateau of power that would ever be aloud under these walls. Black curtains, heavy like velvet, fell across her shoulders as she pulled back from the perfect reflection her eyes could not break from. Pink lines had risen along the line of her chest, three long reminders of how silly she was, how impure, how ready to start living.

When did her soul grow so dark-

how was this power so vague to others-

when did she stop listening-

would she actually run tonight-

would she try to die tonight?

No, of course not. Tonight would be like every other night. She would never have the courage to run. Her reflection laughed, brown skin glowing with some sort of light, the color of moonlight. It held up its hand, grin stretched across pink lips and hidden behind waves of hair. Laughing, she tuned her palm to the face of the mirror, showing Kail the fingernails like talons dripping her own blood down her hand.

The weight on her back as she ran down the pavement moved unbalanced and pulled her deftly downwards, gravity consuming her body from exhaustion. Kail suddenly remembered to breathe as she fell to her knees, few cloths and possessions urging her body to the ground. Her chest was tight, her face dry with salt tears. Darkness faded in and out as she tried to focus where she was.

A few blocks from the metro, had she really run that whole way? She could remember the tear of screen as she had jumped, the feel of grass across her jeans, feet digging foreword to the ground. Slowly, she brought her hands and wrapped them around her throat. Squeezing, her head tossed backwards and as her eyes flew open with the opalescent black pupils back and shining. A raspy laugh came falling to the ground, and her body forced her to stand. Further. Just further. Take me there. Legs began to kneel and raise on the pavement, lifting themselves although oxygen had not caught up to her body yet.

On the metro; she sat. Her bag sat beside her with all her baggage trying to fall out behind her. Her reflection seemed to dance and flicker as they passed the lights of the city and tunnels. She half hid behind her hair, and Kail could feel the darkness calm and breath return to her lungs as she watched buildings and cars pass.

That released the summer heat and let night's coolness wrap tiny fingers down her spine and neck. She needed a cold shower, and love. Her love. Something special was going to be seen. Hopefully open arms would await. Air was flying by her face. Almost to a place she could call home.