its been awhile

Its Been Awhile

What is this feeling?
It's hard to describe
Awhile since I've felt it
What made it come by?

How long has it been?
Can't really tell
A few weeks perhaps
Maybe a month has gone by

It makes me feel so free and alive
A passion so strong
Not even words can describe
This strange feeling I get
Deep down here inside

It's almost like a caffeine high
A roller coaster
An endless ride
With its ups and downs
Problem with this ride is
It quickly flies by

I still don't understand what makes me feel this way
Perhaps that quick glance or smile
Or the sun shining down
Maybe it's the freedom of leaving a town

Who knows what they call it
There are just so many words to use
What ever it maybe
Whatever it might be called
I'm just glad I can feel it to

A/N: I just did a slight revision on this piece. I didn't like how some of it was flowing, and am doing the same with earlier pieces. Then, after I've done all that I'm taking a LONG break from myself (Lol, sorry for some reason I thjought that was funny.) Anyways, I hope you like the changes. Please let me know if you think I can do better, and as always thank you all for reading. -Sky