Chapter 1

"What the hell is wrong with this country!?" Shouted Kazumi, Prince of a small land in the south pacific the locals called Mimi. "Why can't I seem to get a servant who's skilled enough to handle my needs, God give me strength." He prayed as his latest servant broke yet another one of his priceless sunglasses, Gucci and all. The boy just couldn't grasp how delicate and expensive they were, and yes they did break if sat on, stood on, dropped, thrown or seemingly touched by the servant. "You are dismissed. You will no-longer work with me, you're job will now be in the gardens. Tomorrow morning report to the head gardener, he will appoint you a suitable job under his care. I hope you do a better job with the flowers than you have with my glasses."

"My apologies Oujisama, I…I…I thank you for all the time you have put up with me. I will not let you down; I will provide you with the most beautiful flowers the world has ever seen every morning." He cried.

"No need to cry Renji, make me proud and I look forward to the flowers you grow for me." Replied the noble prince. With that the recently reassigned servant scurried from the prince's presence. Now I've got to find myself a new servant.

"Oujisama, reassigned yet another servant I see. Tut-tut-tut. By the time you're King there will be no-one in the kingdom who hasn't been your personal servant. Will you please just pick one and stick with them?" This came from the very handsome English man who had just walked through the door. It was Bob, Kazumi's childhood friend, from when he had spent his life from the age of 3 to 13 in England. They were on very good and personal terms.

"Hey Bob, why don't you be my servant?"

"Oh sorry, oh Prince of Mimi, but I don't work under men, I work with them under me." He replied with a mischievous grin.

"How is that possible? You work for my brother, the first Prince of Mimi."

"I may 'work' for him but he does his fair share under me." Another evil grin.

"Huh? What'd you… oh for God sake Bob, ohh I didn't want to know that. Oh you perverted English man. Oh…ok looks like those mental pictures won't be going away anytime soon. Dude that's my brother, what makes you think I'd want to know about that?!"

"You know you should try it. Being with a man is a hell of a lot of fun. You can't tell me you haven't thought about it. A slime pair of hips, a pretty boy face that would just make you want to come, to see it in ecstasy and an ass just so nice and round and so firm that you just want to squeeze it." Kazumi's mind had been providing such lovely pictures in his mind that he hadn't noticed that Bob was now directly behind him, pressing into his back.

"Bob! What the hell are you doing?" The prince questioned jumping away from the foreigner.

"Just trying o see if I recognise who you are picturing, that's all…I promise." He added with a grin before leaving the room gracefully, "who ever he is you should ask him to be you're servant and have some fun. You need to lose that virginity of yours one day you know." Bob always left his presence with that final comment; Kazumi was starting to feel like a leper, it was a known fact that the royal family lost their virginity before it was legal for the rest of the country. No-one except Bob knew that Kazumi was an exception to this and he rubbed in the fact that he was sexually active every chance he got and the fact that it was with Kazumi's own brother, the first Prince of Mimi himself, was just an added bonus for him. But Kazumi was proud of himself, he liked to break with tradition, tradition was old and out-dated, no-one followed it anymore.

He sat and thought for a while on the terrace to the palace, over looking the most beautiful view the world had ever seen. It was a sea view and there was nothing like it in the world, his view was not impeded by any buildings or people, the only thing that could be seen was nature, the invitingly golden beach, the gently crashing waves and the sea the perfect colour of turquoise. Perfect! Bob had been right when he had said that the Prince had been imagining someone in particular, he wasn't sure who the boy was exactly, but he saw him everyday and cherished every moment. I have got to get him as my servant!

The Prince set a trap for the young boy he pined for and got into bed to wait. The boy he wanted was a thief, every evening the boy would sneak into the palace to steal whatever it was that his boss wanted. Every night Kazumi would watch the graceful boy as he entered and left his family home. He had sent one of his men to the boys' boss and had asked him to steal his family's priceless vase, which just happened to be conveniently on his bedside table. The clock struck 1 and he lay in his bed, pretending to be asleep, when he heard it. The French doors of his bedroom opening, and night air rushed in, the wind blew softly, gently encouraging the slime, golden shoulder length haired boy into the room. His movement light as he silently closed the large, glass French doors, so as to not wake the Prince with the sounds of the summer's night. He gracefully glided around the end of the Prince's bed and inched towards the vase on the bed side table. Kazumi allowed him to reach the table without stopping him. This is where the boy made his mistake, he looked at the sleeping Prince in the bed, except he wasn't sleeping, no he was wide a wake, looking right at him and smiling gently, as if he had a secret. He froze in fear; he could hear his heart beating excruciatingly load in his ears. Then the Prince grabbed his wrist and pulled him to lie on top of said Prince on the bed. He was in too much shock to complain or resist in any way.

"Oujisama," was all he could manage, "... gomen, I will leave." As he tried to get up he realised that the Prince's arms were wrapped around his waist preventing him from moving. "Oujisama?" But Kazumi did not answer; instead he soaked in the features of the gorgeous boy on him. Those luscious green eyes, richer than the best grass in his country, that perfectly styled shoulder length, golden brown down flowing from the boys delicate head and perfectly framing the face of an angel. All his features were delicate, like a doll, but he portrayed a spirit of a wild mustang, beautiful.

Keeping the boy close to his body he got out of bed and carried the bewildered boy, bridal style, towards the bathroom. The boy panicked, "No, please don't turn me in, please don't arrest me. I had to do it or he would have killed me."

"Relax. I'm not going to turn you in," The prince replied pushing open the door to his bathroom and entering, the boy relaxed and calmed, "on one condition." The boy tensed again.

"Yes? Oujisama," he asked politely.

"I wish for you to become my personal servant." The boy in his arms was shocked, not only by the Prince's request, but also the size of said Prince's bath room, you could totally swim in that bath tube!!

"I'm really sorry, Oujisama, but …I can't!"

"Don't worry I already told your boss, he agreed."

"What!?" The boy was shocked, he was the only one who could get into the palace, none of the other boy's could do it. His boss would never give him up like that.

"I told your boss that if he did not let me have you then I would have him arrested and imprisoned for life, without trial. He didn't object after that," Kazumi chuckled at the memory of the mans face, priceless.

"Isn't that black mail?" The boy asked looking very confused.

"Yes it is. But I'm the second Prince of Mimi. I can do whatever I want, to get what ever I want." He added wondering if the angel would hate his words.

"You wanted me?"

"Yes, I think that you would be an excellent personal servant. I have been trying to find my perfect match for so long and then I saw you. You are perfect for me." He stated in a gentle secretive voice.

"Perfect match as what? A servant or something else?" The boy asked with a mixture of curiosity and fear. The Prince just smiled and threw a towel at his angel.

"Have a bath and clean yourself up," he moved toward a set of drawers and opened them, pulling out a set of pyjamas, "put these on when you get out. There no point in you getting clean to get back into dirty clothes." With that he left leaving his angel standing there in shock, with the towel the Prince had thrown at him half falling off his head.