Chapter 2

Kurimi stood there in the elegance bathroom of the second Prince of Mimi. OK, how the hell did this happen? What is with this Prince? He picked up the towel off of the floor and threw it over the door of the shower, to rest neatly on the top waiting for him for when he exited the shower. I haven't bathed in 2 years! But even then it was under a jug of warm water, when that nice lady took pity on me. This is gonna be weird. He undressed, while taking in some of his surroundings. What's with all the mirrors? He thought but put the thought to the back of his mind, as he stepped in the shower. He closed the door and stared at the shower. He stared at the knobs and buttons and then remembered I don't know how to work a shower! I've never used one! What the hell am I gonna do?

"I'm sorry I forgot to tell you how to use it didn't I. Have you ever used one before?" Kurimi jumped a mile when he had heard the voice. Prince Kazumi had been sitting on his bed, waiting for his angels' return, when it occurred to him, why aren't I hearing the sound of the shower? Then it hit him, the boy had lived on the streets, he probably didn't even know how to work it. He had gotten up and entered the bathroom to see his angel staring at the shower in confusion. Damn these stupid shower doors, obscuring my view, all I can see is from his calves down and his shoulders up. Note to self, get shower door changed to be completely clear. Or may be I'll get some doors which look like these ones but at the push of a button they change to clear. I definitely want those ones!

"You scared me! No, Oujisama, I haven't used one of these before." Kurimi said eyes downcast, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Then I shall instruct you." Kazumi strode towards the shower.

"B-b-b-but O-O-O-O-Oujisama." But his protests were lost as the Prince reached for the door to the shower. In a sudden thought Kurimi grab the towel hanging on the shower door and hastily wrapped and secured it around his waist. Kazumi entered the shower trying not to look and think about how cute his angel looked when he was embarrassed.

"Ok you see this dial here?" He said pointing at the shower.


"If you turn it to the left the water goes cold, turn it to the right it goes hot, as shown by the blue and the red." Kurimi nodded, it made sense. "And this dial here," he stated, pointing to the dial to the right of the temperature control, "this controls the pressure or flow of the water; it turns the water on, the further you turn it the harder the pressure. That's all you need to know to have a basic shower, you can ignore the rest of the buttons. I'll teach them to you at a later date. When your done I'll be in my room waiting for you, enjoy your shower. But don't keep my waiting too long angel." He ended with a smirk and left the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Kurimi gulped, he didn't know if he liked the Princes tone of voice or the implication of his words. Although a little voice deep down kept saying that he did like it. This was thoroughly confusing the thief, he decided to put all of his worries to the back of his mind, however, and have his shower. Ok, right dial for pressure and left for temperature……or was it left for pressure and right for temperature……hmm I really should have written it down. Ok let's try…right for temperature and left for pressure. He took his towel off and placed it back over the shower door. He turned the left dial to the right... nothing happened. So instead he turned it to the left… still nothing. He turned the dial on the right. "Hyaaaaaa!" A waterfall of ice cold water shot from the shower head. Kurimi quickly turned the right dial back. Ok so it's right for pressure and left for temperature, well done Kurimi. He turned the left dial to a more appropriate temperature and slowly turned the right dial, a nice soothing spray of warm water washed over him. It was so nice against his dirt covered, worn and tired skin. He stood, motionless, under the showers spray savouring the feeling and relaxing. He stood like that for a good 5 minutes before he began to wash the grime from his skin. It felt so refreshing; his whole being began to feel revitalised.

After he had thoroughly cleaned himself he turned the shower off and retrieved the towel, from the shower door, wrapping it securely around his waist. He opened the shower door and stepped out, hmm heated floors and began to change into his pyjamas. He reached for the handle to the door back into Prince Kazumi's bedroom when he noticed himself in one of the thousands of mirrors in the bathroom. Wow, I've never seen myself so clean before! His skin was refreshed and glowing, he looked reborn, and then he noticed his hair. It looks a total mess!! He scanned the bathroom, checking all of the surfaces and finally found the item he seeked. He picked up the comb and tried to rake it through his hair, but it was too knotty.

"Ouch!" He exclaimed as he tried to force the comb through his hair.

In the other room Kazumi heard the shout, shall I or should I not? the teenage Prince wondered, his conscience battled with his desires for a few minutes before he gave into his desires. He strode towards his bathroom door for the second time to see if anything was wrong with his angel. He found the teenage thief in front of the mirror on the counter trying his best not to cry as he forced a comb through his beautiful hair.

"What are you doing? Stop! You'll damage your hair!" The Prince warned the thief. Kurimi jumped and dropped the comb at the Princes' words.

"I was just…. I….." The boy did not know what to say. Kazumi sighed.

"With your hair and considering that you haven't really washed or brushed it in a long time, I think you need some conditioner in it." He moved to the counter picking up the comb and placing it on the counter top. He reached for a large bottle, he squirted some of its contents onto his palm. "Come here," he instructed the boy. Kurimi complied. The Prince began to smooth the creamy liquid through his angels' hair, from root to tip. When he was done he grabbed a brush from the counter top, he then grabbed the boy's hand pulling him towards the bedroom. "Sit," Kurimi did as instructed bewildered. He sat on the edge of the bed and squeaked when the Prince moved to sit directly behind the boy, so that Kurimi was nestled between his thighs. "Relax," Kazumi chuckled, "I'm only going to brush your hair for you." With that he began to work the knots out of the beautiful hair in front of him, working from the bottom to the top, so as to reduce any damage he may cause to the down flowing from the angels' head.

Kurimi relaxed, this feels so nice mmmmmm his eyes began to droop, and then he was asleep resting against the Princes' chest, feeling warm, clean and safer than he had ever felt in his entire life.