"A boring life in a boring town
In the same old crowd.
When I used to say, that I'd never stay,
But I'm rotting here today.
With that same old crowd
That's always been around.
And I always thought I'd be
the first to go."
Less Than Jake

I live in a town where the people walk by you without a second glance and the cars fly by without pausing. It's a sinkhole and I'm just falling in faster and deeper every day. Every street I wander, I find cracks in the ground, cracks in the walls, and cracks in the people. They don't care, it's normal for them. Normal for me too. But I want something different, I want something to change. I need to get out. I could leave this place and never look back. How many people could honestly say that? Not too many. People get too fixated on one place and when it's time to go they don't want to. They have a hard time letting go. Haven't you ever just wanted to walk away from it all? To just say no and leave? Everyday it's like that for me. I want to get away. I want to get out. I want to walk down a road leading out and never once look back.