Life is demanding without understanding (Chapter 1)

"Breakfaaaast" my mom yelled from downstairs.

She has one heck of a voice for such a small figure. But I'm used to it. For the last sixteen years, since I was born, every weekend that I can remember started the same way. At 8:00 PM my mom yelled for me, my sister and my dad to get up. I don't know what they do, but I lazily drag myself to the bathroom, clean my teeth and go downstairs to have a family breakfast.

Breakfast and lunch is the only time our family spends together. We have too much things to do over the week and on the weekend we like to relax while doing our own things. It's not like we're this dysfunctional family but we for sure aren't perfect. My dad was this goodie goodie son and my mother did her life without her parents being as perfect as she could. So now these almost perfect parents got these two daughters and of course their expectations weren't low. The older daughter Anna wasn't the best but had good grades and was in the best high school in the area. But me…well I don't think they are proud of me. It's not that I'm dumb or anything, my average is around between a B and a C. Sure I have F's but I have A's too!!!!. So yeah I'm this weird child that has bad grades, listens to rock and wears a studded belt all the time.

At least my friends don't care about my grades. Well they don't have any influence on them so why should they bother? Jewel congratulates me when I get an A and tells me everything will be alright when I get a F. I just congratulate her because she gets all A's and maybe some B's. Yes Jewel is perfect. She's smart, funny, not some preppy spoiled kid plus she's beautiful. And that's a fact, because she's a model. She is a little higher then me, and of course skinnier. Her long blond hair and green eyes in comparison to my ordinary brown-brown combination…let's just say it's not hard to decide who wins. But I still love her. Not in a lesbian kind of way but in a big sister to younger sister way. She's older then me, but I'll always look after her physically and mentally. I don't want her little heart to be broken by some jerk.

Well on with my usual Saturday. I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. My mom was just feeding our two cats, when I came in and kissed her on the cheek.

My mom doesn't like kissing and hugging, but I love it so I have to hug and kiss her at least once a day.

After I prepared my bowl of Fruit Loops I sat before the TV and started watching Cartoon Network. My dad was the second to come downstairs, thanked my mom for a cup of coffee already prepared on the table and started reading the newspaper. We sat in silence only occasional purring from my cats breaking it. In about an hour my cartoons ended and I went upstairs for a shower. It was about 9 PM when I went to take my dog out for a walk and my sister was still sleeping.

Let's just hope she'll wake up before my mom starts getting angry. Not that I really care if she yell's on her, it's her fault. She knows our mom hates it if we don't wake up when she calls us.

Well as quickly as I got out on the street, closing the door of our fence loudly, I didn't care about anything in the world. I had my mp3 player in my pocket and Good Charlotte's "Can't go on" was starting to play on full blast.

It'd be cool if we never met,
If we never locked eyes
Then I'd feel so happy,
Not knowing you're so fine

I move on,
But I can't go on without you
Said I try,
Don't know why,
What to do about you
Can't move on

I wish I had someone that I wouldn't be able to go on without him.

No, NO what am I saying. I love being single. Thank god I don't have a boy breathing down my neck every minute

kissing me gently…

aaaargh NEXT SONG! Oh great Motion City Soundtrack with "When you're around". Now that's much better

Yeah keep telling yourself that and maybe you'll believe it.
Shut up I'm happy, I don't need a guy to bug me.
No you need a guy to HUG you.
Oh shut up I can't believe I'm talking to myself, I'm losing it.

And so I went on arguing with myself, not noticing where I was, not noticing my dog already did his thing, not noticing he was waiting for me to take him home. I would probably still stand in that park if the song wouldn't end.

The silence brought me out of my trance and I started walking home, making sure I went past Gigi's house. I could see it, with all the white windows on the light blue facade as I walked down the street. If I focused on the right window in the first floor I could see a small head full of jet black hair. My best friend was sitting on her window shelf like everyday for the past 5 years, waiting for me to come by with my dog. It's funny that in those past years we never said a word to each other during this routine. Gabriel or Gigi just shows me thumbs up or thumbs down and that's all. No she doesn't value my looks but she tell's me if she's allowed to go out tonight. She and I go to different schools so we don't see each other over the week, that's why we always spend Saturdays together. It doesn't matter where, in the park, my house, her house, schoolyard, ANYWHERE. We have a blast everywhere as long as we are together. We're best friends since the year I moved here…

We have met in a park since we live only a few blocks away. We never had a fight and we always do something crazy. Her brother Josh always says that we have this weird twin like connection, because we think the same and we finish each others sentences.

Tonight her thumbs were up. I was so happy I skipped back to my house. No I'm not obsessed with her, we just haven seen each other in two weeks, because I was grounded last Saturday. When I got home my sister was already up and my mother wasn't yelling so I guess Anna got up in time. But I for sure won't be the one to make my mom angry! That is way as soon I stepped into the house I went to my room. I didn't want to study so I just turned on the radio and started cleaning my room. From time to time I stopped, looked at the posters on my wall and started thinking how would it be to be in a band. But I always pushed them away. In about 2 years I'll finish high school and go to college. Probably some graphical college since I like doing stuff in PhotoShop, heck I love doing everything on the computer. From AIM, YM, MSN to doing layouts and other HTML things.

I was brought out of my trance when my mother called me. While I was running downstairs I tried to remember what did I do wrong, but I couldn't remember anything!!!! When I reached the kitchen I was scared and confused. I was imagining my mother yelling and punishing me but when I opened the door I only saw my other in an apron smiling.

"Could you peel the potatoes dear, I'm late with lunch!"

Relived I didn't do anything wrong I went to the sink where the potatoes awaited my arrival.

Lunch was finished quickly and eaten even quicker. But after that everything was in slow motion. Nobody in my family could move. We sat in front of the TV, paying absolutely no attention, just breathing and digesting. I'd probably fall asleep if the big clock in the hallway wouldn't bang three times, signalizing its 3 AM and I have to get ready if I don't want to be late. I'm meeting Gigi at 4 and I don't feel like running on a hot day. I was getting dressed in ¾ long jeans and a wifebeater that had "mean people suck" written on it in big hot pink letters, when my cell vibrated telling me I have a new text message. It only consisted of five letters: PARK. Of course it was from Gigi telling me where we will meet.

Grabbing my cell, my wallet and my keys I ran downstairs. Taking just enough time to slip my Chucks on I yelled to my mother I'm going out.
I would probably hear her "Have a good time!", if I stayed any longer, but since I was already out on the street by then I just assumed she was remembering me of my curfew.

Jeez 16 and a 10'o'clock curfew during summer vacations. WHAT A LIFE!

Thank god I was near the park and saw Gigi waving to me or I'd probably fall into one of my famous arguments with myself about me and my life.

"Mean people suck, but people calling me a whore suck even more!!" Gigi just giggled at my comment

"First why would I be calling you a whore and secondly I'm not calling you since I was quiet until now!"

"Then stop waving that money in my face girl!"

She rolled her eyes and pointed at the ice cream parlor behind her

"My treat?"

I L-O-V-E ice cream!…and I love it even more if I don't have to pay for it ;)

Gigi and I linked arms and started chatting our way to our beloved ice cream. As always I picked blueberry and chocolate and she took strawberry and banana. We sat on the curb along the main road, ate ice cream and watched cars passing by. Every now or then a family or a couple would pass us and looked at us strangely.
It was really getting on my nerves. I mean even a dog needs his peace and quiet when he's eating but nooooo if I sit on the pavement eating my ice cream I'm the 7th world wonder and everybody has to stare at me. I tried to ignore all the looks, but someone crossed the line when they put money in front of me. I grabbed it and start running after the guy while yelling at him:

"So if I sit on the curb it means I don't have any money and I'm begging you for some?!?! If you weren't so busy feeding your fricking ego doing "goods deeds" you would've noticed we were eating ice cream, meaning we had to have some effing MONEY to buy is. They don't give ice cream for free you know!! So here you have your money, take it and while you're at it you can stuck it up your a..."

There will be more talking and stuff in the next chapter! I just had to describe some things to you. Hope you'll like the story if not tell me what's bothering you or what you don't like (please) and I'll do my best to fix it.