Love Me, Love You


When I am Worth Nothing

Some way I'm worth Something.

To do anything to be seen as Something in your eyes

and Hold a place in your heart, And a Thought in your Mind.

Am I now everything I was before, I wonder if I hold a Place

or Time for you.

I use to feel worthless, Known you I feel

Priceless to Gold.

How is your Love For me, Now How

do you Love me, Am I Everything Or Anything

at all or Nothing Like I was, I wish I knew.

Late at night do you think of me, Does your mind ever Dream.

What does it think of me, What do you think of me.

Wonder if you feel for me, What place I now Hold.

I don't know if You do, Don't know if you don't.

Hope love is still there, Hope

My thought to cross your mind.

Hope You Love me!

I love You!