Take Her

Author's Note} What happens when you love your best friend? You fight with yourself. Some times you win, most times you lose... "..."=subconcious talking

Take Her

"She's right there. Touch her. You know you want to."
no, my friend, my best friend, sleeping
(a shake of the head)

"She'd never know. She's asleep."
i can't betray her, i can't....
(a hand slides closer)

"Touch her. Feel it? It's burning inside you. You want her."
she's not like me, i can't, not her...
(a hand pulls away)

"You want her. You can't deny your heart."
yes i can.... i can....
(shaking, from the internal fight)

"Touch her. Closer. A little farther."
a little closer... no!
(arms cross over her chest)

"Come on. You want her. Take her."
i do want her.....
(a hand slides closer again)

"That's it. Take what you want."
but... what about what she wants?
(a hand hesitates)

"You love her. Make those you love feel good."
love... i do love her.... no....
(still hesitating)

"You're there. Right there. Touch her."
touch her.... there....
(a hand moves forward and reaches skin, shattering the trust that was there)

"You did it."
i did.... i destroyed it all....
(a hand traces a square alone) 1