I'm that girl

parents look at me and tell their kids: "don't be like that person"

children look at me and cling to their parent's leg

people stare at me and thencross the street

take a step b a c k

spit in my face


on the other side of the spectrum

She's the girl


parents look at her and tell their kids to be more like her

children look at her and she gives them a warm smile

people stare at her and then take time tosmile

take a few steps forward

maybe even hit on her


I am this way

because PAIN has made me this way

it has forced me to hide my face behind a curtain of hair and dark makeup

made me feel ugly and unwanted

made meR E B E L against any who try to tell me who I am

made me unfriendly to all that try to get close

closed my heart and deformed my appearance

fear of Pain haspushed meaway from most of society


yet Pain has done this to her as well


She is this way

because Pain has made her strive to be perfect

Pain of un-acceptance has given her a paranoia of being left out

Pain has made her believe she is ugly and unwanted

made her hide behind makeup and polite manners and beautiful blonde hair

made her learn to submit to conformity

made her coldhearted towards peers

Pain has closed her heart and deformed her appearance


Pain has shaped her life

as it has done mine


Pain has influenced us to the point that we are now someone we didn't intend to become

Pain of the heart body and s o u l has shaped our lives

Pain has created the beings you now see today





brought us together


yet years later

a different Pain has







torn us