it's (almost) sickening how i can't keep
my eyes off of him and the way he makes
my stomach turn from side to side but there's
just something about the way our eyes meet
(unintentionally) that causes a smile to form
across my face (because i haven't felt like this
in such a long time that i can't believe it's real).

and i'm just waiting for the fingers that will wrap
perfectly around my hand to fill the empty spaces.

i almost thought i lost him but someone must
be working in my favor (because i felt like letting
go the moment i heard of what was to happen).
not a day goes by when i don't think of him and
all my night prayers are filled with thoughts and
hopes of the two of us together (some day).

(this has to be more than a silly infatuation.)


author's note: all the feelings inside of me are just a jumble because of this guy... & just to clear things up, apparently, he was supposed to be moving to a different state but decided to stay because of college. when i heard that he was supposed to go, i seriously felt like crying because there's just something about him that makes my heart sing & it just feels so amazing. ...i couldn't think of anything better for the title, forgive me.