By E. Naples


"If you are reading this book, then know that I am no longer of this world. My name was Jezrial Azoloth, and I am a Nephilim, more commonly known as a Fallen. This is our story." The words in the hard red journal read written in a slightly scratchy hand.

"What are we, you may ask? We are the creation of many things manifested. We are both innocent and born natural sinners. We are the only ones of our kind and are what is left of one great being. A demigod who once tried to go against the will of his fathers, his name was Grigori and he was the God of wisdom. The story goes like this:

There was once a world of just water, and the Trinity discovered it. They were of one mind, The Creator, the Destroyer, and the Sustainer, and strove to create a world to be inhabited by their children. The Creator dipped a finger into the water and called forth for there to be life in it. Then the Creator told the world that it should have life above the water. So the Creator raised a hand and let the droplets slip off the finger that had been placed in the water. As the droplets fell, they became the continents that floated atop the water. These droplets hardened to rock and soon the Creator had placed lush green vegetation upon them. The Creator then called upon the Sustainer to give this green a way to stay upon the planet so that the Destroyer did not kill it all off. With the Destroyer's help, the Creator populated the world with different animals. Large and small, these helped the Sustainer keep the vegetation from growing too wild. Yet this was not enough to satisfy the Trinity. So they created beings in their likeness.

Each member of the Trinity was blessed with six wings, and they blessed their children with four. These were called Aligarians, the name the Trinity used to describe the sweet air around the world. There were twelve children made to govern this world. Yet, even with their children the Trinity was not happy, for the children did not wish to worship them. So they brought their children up to live with them on another plane. In turn to please their parents eleven of the twelve children created two races. The Seraphim, the winged race of beings that possessed two cream colored wings, and the Humans, who looked like their winged brother, but had no wings of their owns. The Trinity was pleased with these beings and set them upon the world in a specially made island. But, both the Humans and Seraphim were foolish. They acted like children, and the God of Wisdom, Grigori, felt that this was wrong.

"'Why should they worship us if they don't understand what they are worshiping?' Grigori asked of the Trinity who insisted that it was better that they remained ignorant.

'If they were to learn too much they would grow stronger then us, and no longer sustain the planet as we see fit. Do not teach them too much,' they insisted. The less the Humans and the Seraphim knew the less chance they had to become dangerous. This was the belief but Grigori did not see it as such. He went back to the world and taught the Seraphim, who in turn began to teach the humans. They learned of the world, how to care for it, the differences between day and night, and how to make fires. This did not make the Trinity happy for the Humans and Seraphim were becoming far too independent for their own good. In the mean time Grigori enlisted the help of three other Gods. These there were Velika the goddess of Virtue and Girgori's sister. Enoch the scribe who wrote the words of the Goddess of mercy, Helenka, who watched over the world and knew that there was some good Grigori did in his actions. He had them teach the Humans and Seraphim the difference between good and bad, how to craft beautiful objects, and words of eons. These, the Trinity believed, were good things, and they were pleased, not highly but they respected their children's wishes. But when Grigori fell in love with a human and had a child with her the Trinity removed his status as a demi- god. The child was born with three wings, a sign, in the Trinity's eyes, of an unholy union.

'This is not fair,' Grigori protested, 'I did nothing wrong!'

'You did not follow our orders,' the Trinity informed him. 'We told you that you were to leave the Humans and Seraphim alone. Now you have tainted them. For this you will be stripped of your power. You are no longer the God of wisdom; you are now the God of Sins.'

Grigori went to his tower, here he stayed for thirty days and nights until he made a decision. If the gods felt that in teaching the Humans and Seraphim he had tainted them, then he would make it so that they were never to be clean again. He broke into the Hall, a massive building where the books of knowledge were stored, and stole a small wooden box that held the sins of the world inside of it. The Sustainer had locked them up just after the Humans and Seraphim were created to preserve their innocence, and ignorance.

Taking the box to the top of his tower Grigori broke open the lock and poured the sins out into the world below. In unleashing the sin,s Humans and Seraphim were corrupted. They learned of many things, dark things as well as useful things. For every small sin that taught them something useful, a larger one filled their hearts with darkness: they learned to make weapons, but with this came their knowledge of war and blood shed. In learning of sex, they also learned of rape. And when learning about the human body and mind, they learned of its workings, but, they also gained knowledge of murder and suicide. In learning about such things the world was plunged into a place where Temptation, Misery, Malice, and Avarice were bred. The Humans and Seraphim mated and had children, these were half breed creatures with one wing, and they were called Grigorians after the infamous god.

For his part in defiling the creatures that had brought the Trinity such pleasure Grigori was tried. Found guilty of the crime of an attempt to betray and over throw the will of the Trinity he was sentenced to death. He was to be divided into four. His flesh and wings to become clay and divided into four bricks, while his blood became the water to make the clay moldable. Thus four new beings would be created. These would be called Nephilim, beings that looked human but had no soul, and were granted the beauty of the Aligarian Each were given a set of two wings which were colored a brilliant white. They were created for the sole purpose of collecting the sins that Grigori had released. But, the fact was that sin breeds other sin. It was said that the young demi-god would return if all his sin could be collected, only then could he be whole. The Trinity had no intention of allowing this to happen, and, thus stuck his four parts with the impossible task.

Yet, before his death the dark God, as he became known as, leveled a curse.

'So you intend to use these beings as a way to collect the sins of the world. I know that you don't want them to succeed, so I leave this thought with you. Though you may cut me and reshape me, I can't die. My will is stronger then you think. Since you have taken from me the joy that I found in helping the Humans and the Seraphim, I shall take from you that which you love. Your mighty fortress will crumble under the hand of these four that you create from me, and the Seraphim shall be destroyed! When the sun is covered by the moon, and all four are of age, when they have enough energy from the sin they have collected, I shall be reborn within them, awakening my will, and becoming one with them. Then, together, we…will…crush your hierarchy and unleash the powers that you greedily hoard away from this planet! That is MY WILL! THAT…IS….MY CURSE!'

It was only moments later that he was drawn and quartered before the host of Aligarans. They say then his four parts were molded to create the Fallen. The first one made was Avarice who was to collect all the greed and prideful sins of the world. Beside him stood Malice, the collector of murders and sins of vengeance and hatred. With Malice came the collector known as Misery who was bound to collect the sins of sadness. And finally there was Temptation, the second bench mark of the sins, who was to collect the lustful and envious sins of the world. After they had been created they were given their white wings to show that they were not of the Seraphim.

The Trinity then cast the son of Grigori and the other Grigorians down in to a prison deep inside the earth. Here they were to stay for all eternity. Then the Trinity created a plane that was invisible to Human eyes. This they named Aligara after the Aligarian, which it is said lived above it. Here the Trinity placed the Seraphim keeping them well away from the Humans in hopes they could be cured of their sinful nature. The Humans remained on earth, and the Fallenwere left in the garden where life had started, and here they were supposed to remain for all time watching and collecting.

However the goddess of Mercy felt that this was cruel punishment for the Fallen. After all they had committed no crime of their own, and to remain lifeless like a statue was something she considered a horrible existence. So she, with the help of Velika the goddess of Virtue, and Enoch the scribe created the Heleva, a book that foretold the future of the Fallen and their destiny. It is said that this book has no pages written on other then the first one, and no one can turn them.

Inside the first page it reads, "Four shall fall, and four shall rise. They shall divide the land in war. The four that fall shall split the earth and bring forth the minions of hell, they will destroy the plane above, and schism the heavens…" the rest of the lines can not be read. Many have tried and all have failed.

The goddess of Mercy then went and, with Virtue's help, granted the Fallena soul, allowing them to feel and think. This though led to the death of one of them, for he could no longer bear the responsibly of seeing all the sins that had been created.

When a Fallen dies their will is then transferred to an un-born child that is near death. A contract is made; the child will live and come into the world, however they will have the spirit of the Fallen grafted onto them. The Fallen then starts to collect the sinful energy and supplies the child with a text book in its mind of where the Fallen has been. These children are born with white wings and everyone knows then that this child is tainted as only the Fallen have this color on their wings. Thus the child is forever shunned.

True Seraphim are born with cream colored wings. Some in a position of power will dye the tips to show their rank.

For every Fallen born, one will mature and die. Thus the cycle will continue until all four are together, and the curse brought about.

This is the will of the gods.

Such is the tale that we have been told for countless years. It is what we are told to believe, those of us that are born with white wings, that we are forever doomed to this fate. Yet…I have to still hope that there's a chance that we can break from this. If you are reading this, then I have failed. "