You smile at my crystal clear voice,

'Like the voice of an angel,'

As I shoot harsh words at you,

That tear through your skin like bullets,

And you shoot them right back.


And I didn't see it until you said it,

I couldn't see what was right in front of me,

You laughed and grabbed me, and tickled me senseless.

I stood there and looked you square in the face,

Yet I still didn't seeā€¦


Like that time you got sick from drinking too much,

After you confessed to liking me,

And passed out in the backseat of our car,

I sat you up, and you smiled,

You lifted your hand, and ran it over my face and hair,

I was just glad to see someone care.


I curled up in the seat next to you,

You covered me up with the coat you used as a blanket,

And I inhaled and said, 'Smells good.'

You laughed and said; 'It smells like me, silly.'

But all I had to say was 'smells good.'

You put your hand on my shoulder,

And watched me the whole car ride home,

In the back seat, of that sporty Pontiac,

And I smiled and laughed until you felt better.


We thought the same thoughts,

At the very same time,

And we would fight like brother and sister,

But it was just your excuse to hold me close,

You kept your eyes on me the whole time you were here.


I stayed up late, when you stayed over,

I saw you walk past my door, and look my way,

You stepped into the shadow from the light of the TV,

I wanted you to come and visit me.


And although I deny it,

I like you more than you would ever know,

I like you more than I can ever show.

And you left behind your cologne,

Because I said I liked how you smell,

You always leave something to keep coming back for,

You always keep me coming back for more.