My Thanks to You

As the days come and go
With each other or far apart
We look forward to the ones ahead
The ones we will cherish in our hearts

The memories we have now are very special
But there will be more that we gain
Through the good and bad times
Through the laughter and the pain

All the times we held one another
Light shining down on us from the sun's beam
Instead of living a reality
We are living a constant dream

Knowing I can trust you
All the honesty you give
Emotions that you share with me
Gives me the will to live

You are always there to lend an ear
No matter what the situation may be
I'll be here when you need to talk
Since you are always there for me

I want to say thanks to you
But I am not sure how it can be expressed
When we are alone or with friends
Those days just seem endless

Understanding the way I feel
Lifting me up when I am feeling blue
With all those things you have done for me
I think I am falling in love with you

I hope this doesn't scare you away
But bring you closer to me
I hope you feel the same as I do
Since you mean the world to me!!!