Fighting Tears

In the dark I could see nothing but only hope that one day I would be saved. I had been in this fortress under the Carnen rule just for a few short days but that was long enough for me. I am a prisoner that has no chance. I don't even know why I am even still alive. The day that I was caught by the Carnen's all of my friends died. I was badly endured but managed to still survive. Since I was still moving I was taken with the enemy to be interrogated. My name is Andrea and here is my story how I came to be in this lonely dark place.

When I was only a child I grew up in war. There was death all around me. Soldiers that fell in war that could never say goodbye and people of my very own village in the mountains were taken from disease. My mother was one who would take care of anybody in need. My older brother would take care of me and my younger sister that would be11 in October. We lived a happy life for a family that was surrounded by so much despair.

One night when my older brother and me and my younger sister came back from swimming and fishing down at the lake, we returned to find out that my village had been destroyed. The Bruin family, which was very close friends of our mother, house was on fire. There were bodies everywhere. It was such a disturbing sight to me. I saw my friends lying on the ground. Their eyes just kept staring into the dark clouds that where circling above my former village. It didn't strike me until I looked at my house. I ran as fast as I could to my home. My older brother screamed my name and picked up Kumiko since she was in tears and did not wish to run through the mazes of bodies of former friends and family that we had once laughed and played with.

I reached the house and found my mother face down on the ground next to my aunt. I walked up next to my mother scared to accept that I will look into my mother's glassy blue eyes no more and would never hear her lullabies that would comfort me when I could not sleep. I did not want to accept that I may never here her voice again. I broke out in tears and felt my legs get weak. I fell to my knees and felt a loud scream leave me. I cried and could not control my self. I could feel my heart sink to the bottom of the greatest ocean. I sat next to my mother stroking her hair waiting for her to wake up, but I already new that she never would.

As I sat over my mothers head stroking her long brown hair my brother came through the doorway with my little sister in his arms. He put her down next to me and grabbed my mother and held her tight. As he lifted her up her arms limply went to her sides. I watched as her hand fell towards the floor and noticed that she was very pale. As my little sister came to my side and said "mom?" I could not look at her or my sister. I closed my eyes and wished it not to be." Once I open my eyes this will all be a dream," is what I told myself but new that it could not change. So I just lowered my head and hugged Kumiko. I held her tight to me and promised myself "I would never let anything bad happen to her. I would protect her with my life." At that moment when I was holding Kumiko I told my self that I would never forget this day, for I was ready for revenge.

The night of our mothers death we sat around a fire in the woods after we buried our former fellow villagers, we made a promise to ourselves and our mother that we would find our father in the war and would not rest until we killed every last evil soul in this world that had stolen our mother from us.

For the next two years we fought and killed many of the soldiers. My sister had grown and became very passionate about her bow training. For me and my brother we did not wish any harm to come to her so made sure that she kept her distance. My brother and I gave her to a family to watch over her. We were welcome to visit any time. Although, she ran away from the Helsem home after only two short months. She had come and found us. Obviously she did not wish to be left alone or out of the fight.

Now at the ages of 20, 16, and 13 we travel all across the land searching for our father. Along the way we have slain many of the Carnen forces. We have become outlaws in a land that nobody owns. We never let people know who we were when ever we came into the towns for food or supplies. We were young and people would stare but we paid no attention to them because they had no idea how hard the world really was.

Three days ago is when I was captured by the Carnen people. It is when we had planned out our day to attack the Kennard castle, the lord of all other lords. Everything was under the rule of him, and most of all he was our mothers' murderer.

We had watched the castle for a week in advance to see the schedule of the guards and of when the gate was open and closed. We were trying to figure out how we would be able to enter the castle undetected so that we could take our revenge on the king.

We assembled a small army that was willing to give their lives in order to have a free country without war. We had trained this army to the best of our abilities. We were not the experts of war, but we had a pretty good hand on it. After a week of understanding the way the castle works and their guard shifts we had decided that we were going to attack them tomorrow at midnight.

I told our soldiers "be strong and do not fear death because death is no where near the end but only a new journey that one day everyone must take including the king of the Carnen's. You should fight with honor because you are doing a favor for your neighbor. You will let them live free lives and their children and yours will play together without fearing that war might spill into their village one night. If you do not make it out of this fight tomorrow we will all start a new life in the land of Gods' kingdom. There we will never have to suffer again. We will be happy and walk through fields of flowers. We will never have to fear the night because their will be no night to fear. For do you see now there, is a much better place then here. We will live free lives, but we can make that so here. We will fight the king and his armies, we will free our home land of war and will watch our children laugh and play with no fear of war again. We will turn this ideal into a reality. Now we will fight tomorrow with honor and we will keep our family close to us to help us get through the night. You may go to your family for comfort tonight and return tomorrow. Any man that doesn't return will not be judged as a coward but will witness the new world that we have dreamed of for so long! Go to your families tonight a return ready tomorrow."

I wished to lift the spirits of the men that were going to battle beside us. I knew that many would not make it out alive. I wanted them to feel like they were the greatest men in the land. After that speech I had a very difficult time accepting that these men were going into battle to die.

That night, the night before the attack, me, Felix, my older brother, and my little sister Kumiko sat around a fire together and we prayed. We prayed for our men and our mother to watch over us in battle. We prayed that she would be proud of us that we were ready to give our lives for her.

My brother told me that night "Andrea don't let anything happen to Kumiko, she can't take care of herself all alone"

I replied "But brother nothing will happen to you because we will come out of this fight together and will live happily by the lake that saved our lives while our village was attacked."

He told me "I think you already realize that nobody will come out of this fight. From that speech that you just gave, those were true words that you felt. You just simply don't wish to accept it."

"Your right I don't want to know the outcome of tomorrow night because it is just too much to bear. I wish to come out of this with success and be able to live the rest of my life in comfort and without fear. But I already know the fate of our men that are going into battle tomorrow."

"There is no need to cry for our man. They knew what they were coming into and knew that it was going to be dangerous, and that they may never come back. But now we need them the most. Do you understand Andrea?"

"Yes I understand but still I don't wish to make any other families go through what we had to when we found out that our mother had parted from this world without even being able to say goodbye."

"I understand where you are coming from but that is part of war. Nothing is certain and nothing is accomplished without pain. That is the way it has always been and always will be. It is a hard thing to deal with but you have to move on or you will always stay in the shadows and never accomplish anything."

"I know brother but I don't want to lose you to. I love you brother" Kumiko lunged herself at my brother open armed and gave him a hug while crying. As she held onto Felix I said "I don't want to feel that pain again it just hurts to much to lose somebody else close to me."

"Brother please don't leave us" said Kumiko

"Don't worry I won't leave you guys alone. But you guys have to remember that we are at war."

"I knew that we are and I will give my best shot at this plan of ours. I will fight beside you brother and allow no harm to come to you and Kumiko."

"Well, that's good to know that I have somebody to watch my back." He said with a smile.

I smiled back while Kumiko climbed back over and climbed next to me into her blankets.

"Tomorrow will be a hard days' work so we must rest good tonight." Said Felix, while readying his bed. "We will work hard preparing for everything."

"Yes we will. And brother, I love you."

"Yes I know that, and just to let you know I love you and Kumiko too."

"Goodnight Brother. Goodnight sister." Said Kumiko before resting her head on a small bundle of clothes that where made to be a pillow.

"Goodnight little sister," my brother and I said at the same time.

"Goodnight brother. Tonight I will dream of the new world that we will create and how we will make mother so proud of our great accomplishment."

"Yes I will to. Goodnight Andrea. I love you"

When I awoke my brother was not in his bed that he had made across the fire. As I looked around me I found him talking to a retired soldier that had helped plan out this attack. He was already at work even at this early in the morning. The sun had only been up for about an hour. I looked to Kumiko's bed. She was still sleeping soundly in the comfort of her blankets. I got out of my warm bed that was next to the fire that was now only hot coals. I walked over to my brother and said "Good morning brother up early I see"

He looked at me with an unwelcoming face. A face of fear that I knew something must have gone wrong.

"Andrea we may have to attack sooner then planned."

"Why? What happened?" I asked in concern.

"It looks like our camp has been discovered."

"Discovered!? What do you mean discovered. There is no way that they can find our camp in this rugged terrain that these old growths have hidden!"

"Yes, that is exactly what I thought, but last night they had an unscheduled patrol men come out and he found us." He explained to me.

"What do you mean? Didn't you kill him so that he could not spill his guts to the king?"

"No. Nobody saw him until he was running off into the fields before the castle. Since then, early this morning, the castle has been at work. They are preparing for the rebels that we are."

"So then we should wait for the men to return to us before attacking."

"Yes. But once everybody returns here we must engage on the battle because the longer it takes for our men to return it just gives the kings men more time to come up with a strategy and prepare their men. We may not be able to wait to long."

"I understand. I will send 6 men to gather as many men as possible so we can fight sooner."

"That is a good idea Andrea, see to it and come back here"

"Yes" I went to gather the fastest horses that we had and the fastest riders to collect our men for the great battle. After sending them I went back over by the pile of coals, that was once where our fire was, to my sister. I woke her up and filled her in as fast as I could so that she could prepare herself as well.

A little over a half an hour is when men started to arrive in great numbers together. We probably only had around 500 men there when we saw that a catapult had let lose a fire ball towards our camp. It did not reach the camp so we knew that we were out of range at first. We decided that it was time to fight.

My brother and I assembled our flanks and were ready to enter the battle field. We started to march forwards to the flaming ball in the middle of the field. We did not have our full army but we had run out of time. It was five hundred against 1,100 they had almost two times the forces. They defiantly had the upper hand.

As we marched forward I was scared but ready to shed blood. After waiting for two long years I wanted to ease my pain of my mother's death by finally serving justice to the man that took her from me, all three of us.

We stopped right in front of the burning fire ball. Our flanks behind us were ready to draw blood as well. They were as eager as we were to kill the king and finally have a free nation that was not constantly under attack of its own people.

My older brother and I were on the very front line. We were on horses while our infantry were on the ground of course. My sister was beside me on a horse as well. I could see the fear in her eyes as she stared at the large castle in front of us. As everyone stared at the large fortress in front of us the castle doors opened. Infantry and nights poured out of the doors. They formed their ranks in front of the castle walls directly in front of us. They had many more men then we did.

The men behind us started to get uneasy from the sight of the soldiers and their swords at their sides. They were in many numbers and began to realize that my brother was right even though I knew all along. We would not be coming out of this fight alive even though we have shown the impossible before. I looked to my brother and he looked back at me. We just sat there for a minute looking each other down. Then I looked at Kumiko and told her to go to the back of the flanks.

"Why I can stay and fight just as well as any other person can." She argued

"No sister, you must go back because you are much too valuable to sacrifice. One of us has to make it out alive. Promise me that you will live a good life and will run if anything comes near you to harm you."

"But big sister I wouldn't leave you and brother to fight alone. I will not abandon you!"

"Kumiko, I know that you won't but please understand that one of us have to survive, past down our blood. Do you understand I love you and I made a promise to myself that I would never let anything bad happen to you!"

"No I don't understand why we have to be apart. I love you big sister and I don't want to leave you."

"I know I don't want to leave you either but that is what mother would have wanted. It is up to you to find father and tell him the news of our mother." As Kumiko stared at me with watery eyes I looked her down because I would never see her again.

"There is no need to cry sister we will see each other again. Just in another life. Now this is very important that word reaches fathers ears of mother, I, and brother are counting on you."

"I understand. I love you Andrea." She said as she reached over from her horse to give me a hug. "I love you to Kumiko. Now do as I say and make me proud and go to the back of the lines."

With that she turned and went to the rear of the infantry. I looked over to my brother and nodded my head and he nodded back. I once again looked his face over and into his blue eyes and brown hair that we had both shared from our mother. As I looked forward again towards the kings army that had assembled in front of the castle. The gates to the castle were now closed tight and the kings' army was ready for battle. My brother had turned toward the men on his horse.

He said "Men, I have been grateful to fight next to you in the past. I have had the privilege to get to know you. But now I ask of you today to fight with me one last time to give our friends and family the chance to live free. That is why we are here today is to give our family a chance at a good life that we never had. So I ask you now to fight with strength and courage and most of all honor. This is for your family and justice to all the people that the king has taken from us." He then turned toward the army in front of us took his sword out, looked at me one last time and charged.

The men followed close behind and ran weapons ready to be covered by the enemies' blood. Every one of our soldiers screaming while approaching the infantry at a fast speed. The enemy's infantry was prepared with light infantry to take out our small militia. My brother and I were the first to reach the enemy lines. I toke up my sword and swung it around behind my shoulder to kill a soldier in front of me. All of our men were now at the front of the kings' lines and working their way back. Many of our men fell when they had reached the soldiers that had much more experience and training then our men.

I was fighting one man when out of no where an arrow hit my shoulder. I staved the man in front of me next to his heart. As he fell to the ground I reached back to pull the arrow out. As I reached another man replaced the fallen soldiers place and fought me. As my sword and his slammed together with a loud sound I was pushed off of my horse to the other side. The horse ran off into the mess of bloody soldiers and dead bodies.

I got back up but only to find that a sword was waiting for me. I lunged myself backwards to avoid a sword ready to take my head off. I raised my sword to meet the other and found a whole to take the life away from the man in front of me.

I turned around and saw my older brother fighting a man that had many nice medals on his uniform. I knew that this was probably the officer of this small part of the kings' army. I watched them fight and saw that my brother was having a difficult time keeping up with the officers' fast and graceful swordsmanship. Once again I turned and found another sword eager for bloodshed. After I had slain the owner of the sword I made my way through the mess of bodies and worked toward Felix. I wanted to fight beside him. I killed many on my way over to my brother but more and more people just kept on filling in the spaces. We were out numbered and would not last very much longer.

More and more of our men were falling to their deaths. There were fewer in number but they still had the field. They swarmed our men fast and without hesitating . I was only about fifteen feet from my brother. I was almost there.

As I made my way to him, as I was fighting another man I was facing the opposite way of my brother when I saw Kumiko, my little sister. The sister that I had ordered to stay away from the fight. Like the sister that she is she couldn't help but come to fight beside me and our brother. As I killed the man in front of me, I paused for a second to look at my sister. She looked past me and then back to me with a face that I will never forget. I turned around to find that a man had staved my brother next to his heart. My sister was watching my brother die.

"That feeling. It can't be! The feeling is back. My heart is dropping into the sea once again. But this time I feel another feeling accompany this one. Rage, and anger. These emotions are pumping through my body. I can't control this feeling it is just too much to handle. I need to get rid of this feeling."

As I thought that I began to charge towards the man that's sword was still in my brother. I screamed in rage and sorrow. The man looked at me and then back to my brother. He said "looks like it's your sisters turn." As he finished he put his foot on my brothers' shoulder, which he had fallen to his knees now, and pulled his sword back and watched me approach him.

He had his sword at his ready and a nice ignorant smirk on his face like if he knew I was already a dead girl. I lunged at him with my sword pointed to him. He was obviously a very skillful swords men. But like the stubborn person that I am I would not let that put me down. I would kill him.

We fenced for a while before anybody was hit. He paused at one point when he had blocked one of my moves and told me "You should just give up now. You are not as good as your brother you know. You have no chance."

"I don't care if I die fighting you. As long as I have the pleasure of destroying you."

With that in mind we fought again both of us with strong wills. At one point I did not match the speed of his sword. He was then able to easily just graze the side of my stomach. I then tried for his head while he was out of reach but managed to only get the top of his shoulder. He looked at me in amazement but then picked up another sword that was sticking out of another man lying on the ground next to him. He now had the advantage first he was a better swords man and second he had two swords.

With him finally ready we fought each other again. As our swords clanged against each other again and again I found myself getting weaker and weaker. My movements became slower while his kept a steady pace. As I blocked his sword and turned I saw my sister on the other side of the battle field fighting one of the kings' soldiers. She was having a difficult time as well. Although, she was not trained in the sword as much as my brother and I. I saw her block a move and then a man behind her hit her on the head while the man in front of her stabbed her on the side of her gut.

"Noooo, Kumiko!" she looked toward me with a little bit of a smile while falling to the ground. As I watched her I had a very sharp pain go through my body. I looked at the man that I was blocking his sword and found that a dagger had pierced the front of my right shoulder. As I paid attention I noticed too late that he aimed for my gut. I moved my sword from the man's sword to block his dagger that's tip had pierced my skin while his sword had come down on the top of my other shoulder. I cried out in pain while I fell to my knees. The man sat there staring at me. I looked around me and saw all of the dead bodies. This battle was just about over.

"Stupid girl. Did you really think that you could beat the kings' army?"

I looked up at him and said "I at least wanted to try. Make a point and hope that the majesty that stole the crown would realize what the people felt. You know what I mean." I said as I stabbed him in the foot with a short blade knife.

He yelled out in pain and then hit me with the handle of his sword on the side of my head. I fell to the ground next to my brother. I looked at him and he was still alive but only just. He looked over to me and I crawled over to him in a very confused state. He looked at me and whispered into my ear.

"Andrea, do not fall in battle today and leave our father uninformed of mine and mothers deaths. You can not die here do you understand? I love you so much and . Let her know okay. Remember when mom lost her favorite necklace. She poured out every jar in the kitchen looking for it but it was in her pocket the whole time." He said with a bit of a chuckle. "Do you remember that?" I started to cry when he said that. "Andrea, please don't cry anymore. There is no need to cry. We will be together again. It will just be a while. We will laugh and play together again. You'll just have to wait a bit. I hope you don't mind." He whispered as his voice trailed off to a stop when his eyes closed and his head rolled to his side.

"Felix?" I whispered. "Felix? Felix please don't leave not yet. Please just stay, just for a little while Felix. Felix. Felixxx!"

"No use little girl. God has taken your precious brother." He said as he took the end of his sword and hit me again. This time, knocking me out. I was now another person that had perished on the bloody battle field that I was just fighting on. At least that's what I thought.

I awoke when it was dark out. My abdomen in intolerable pain. I screamed out in pain and looked down at my stomach that had bloody close resting on top of them. I remembered what had happened and then quickly looked around me. I didn't know where I was. I was sure that I had perished on the battle field along with my brother and sister that I watched fall to the ground.

"It's about time that u have woken," Said a voice in the darkness that surrounded me. I looked around me not moving too much because of my open wounds that were hurting like the devil was here himself.

"I was beginning to wonder if you died from those wounds that I had given you." The voice said again.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Me well I would be the one in charge of course, because it certainly doesn't look like you are capable of getting to your feet." He responded.

"Now. What is your name? I already know your face."

"Sorry for not properly introducing myself. My name is Blake of the kings' private forces. Please to meet you miss?"

"Andrea. Thank you very much." I told him.

"Well miss. Andrea. You did make a worthy appoint so I will let you live for now."

"That sounds promising now doesn't it?"

"Very. I kept you alive mainly because I have some questions for you. Like exactly who planned this operation of rebellion, and who has been lifting the town's people's spirits?" he paused for a moment and looked at me before continuing. "At one point I began to hear rumors that it was children that were stealing my men away from this world. That's when I saw you and your brother. I first saw the two of you in the town of Evendim. I studied you two and asked around about you. That is how I knew how to look for you and your brother on the battle field."

"Why are you telling me about this?" I asked him.

"I want you to know that I did know who you are and I knew that you are the mastermind of this dreadful attack." He explained to me. "Why did you attack, knowing that it was a complete lost because nobody was going to come back?" he asked me.

"I wanted the people of our country to know that there are some people that are still loyal to the late king and did not wish the crown to be stolen." I explained to him.

"Well that's just not acceptable!" he yelled as he smacked me across my face. "Your old king is gone and the new king is doing a fantastic job. I hope you know that now." He said as he calmed himself. "You know. I think it is rather funny that you planned this foolish attack. Your brother died by my sword and your sister fell in battle as well. You are all alone now. What exactly is keeping you alive? You have nobody else."

"I may not have anybody else around me that I love but I keep going because it is human nature to survive. I will dwell in this world as long as I can and will help as many people that need it."

"That is a stupid reason to live. You should live to gain more power and honor. That's the way I see it."

"Now that's the stupidest thing that I heard. No offense" I replied in sarcasm. He looked at me and then said "You're just another stupid girl in this world. You wouldn't be expected to know that. I will leave here and come back later. I will leave you here to reflect on your decisions in the past that lead you here. Maybe then will you want to swear your loyalty to the king?" he told me.

"I planned an attack on the king what makes you think I will turn around and swear my loyalty to him you stupid soldier." With that in mind he took his leave.

I was left there in the dark wondering what they would do to me next. While I was speaking to Blake I did not notice where I was but only that it was dark. I took a moment to look around me. There were tall ceilings and the room was a round shape. I could not see anybody else in the room. This led me to the conclusion that I was now a prisoner of war.

I sat there for almost two days before somebody had come in to talk to me again. It was nice just to have somebody to talk to because the loneliness in that cell was too much knowing that you are dieing. I really don't want to die alone. I still don't wish to die alone but my wounds worsen as time goes on.

The general came again to interrogate me. This time he brought a clean cloth with him and threw it at me as he entered the room. "Here." He said. "We don't want you dieing on us now." He paused. "You know we could help you if you wish. That is if you swear your loyalty to the king."

"I've made my mind of up about that." I replied.

"Oh. Have you now. Do you wish for help? Have you sworn your loyalty to the king finally?"

"Well I would hate to break your heart and all but I will never swear my loyalty to the king. I would rather kill him and chose a new king that has a true heart of a king to sit on that thrown. If I can not see it done in my years then I would rather die under the king that rules our country now." I explained to him.

"Then die you should. We will make arrangements for your execution in the towns for all to see your example of what happens to people that raise up against their king. I hope you are happy with your decision." He turned and walked out the door while saying. "I hope you enjoy your last night stay at the palace miss. Andrea."

That was yesterday evening. Now it's mid after noon and I haven't heard any news of my execution yet. I'm still waiting to hear a crowd outside, but still, nothing. The door swung open and Blake came in with two other guards. They lifted me up to my feet and began to take me out the door. I screamed out in pain because I had not really moved since I had been on the ground three days ago. I didn't move much because I was wounded and hurt very badly.

"You are being moved to the castle in the Angmar city. There you will wait for the king's return from his previous visit to his birth country. Since you can barely stand we will give you your own horse."

"Okay. How long until the king arrives at the castle?" I asked him.

"An expected two days after we arrive there. Are you ready to leave this filthy cell of yours?"

"Yes sir." I answered.

"Alright then. We take our leave."

I got onto a horse that was waiting me in the court yard of the castle. I had a very hard time bending because of my horrific wounds that should have killed me by now. Two other men helped me get onto the horse. It was so painful. I knew that I would never forget this pain. But I also knew that if some way I was able to make it out of here alive then I would learn a great deal from the pain. In the battles ahead of me I would be able to learn to work with it.

We then left the court yard and into the city. The people lined the streets watching as I rode my death road. Some people were laughing at me and my foolishness for attacking the castle. Others looked at me with hope that they do have a chance to reclaim their country. To reclaim their country from the invaders that had murdered our king and took the throne as their own. This is the massage that I was trying so desperately to give to the people along side with my brother and sister.

As we road threw the streets of the town that was at the bottom of the castle I had a great sadness go threw me. "People are calling me names and throwing things at me, but why? I cane to fight for their freedom." I asked myself as I rode the lonely road to the city where my execution is being held.

We were riding for hours threw the woods. It felt like they never ended. I felt my condition worsen as the trip went farther into the day.

"Sir," a rider came running up from the town in front of us, "rebels are destroying the town. They are attacking our men the way this young girl did."

"So we were not the only people that had ideals of a free and peaceful world." I told Blake.

The man beside me slapped me across the face and said, "You were never asked to speak so keep your trap closed."

"That's not necessary. She will be dead in three days anyways. Leave her be. About the town we must stop this nonsense. The men and I will control their little fun. You three," as he pointed to three men around me "stay with the girl and wait here for us."

"Yes sir." They said together. Blake and his men left for the town while the other three stayed with me. They began to set up camp while I rested next to a tree. With my hands tied to the tree of course. The men were over by there cozy warm fire while I'm with the horses. I sat there until dusk and noticed that the town was still a battle ground. While I looked towards it I noticed the soldiers had left their saddle on the ground by the tree next to me. I noticed a small sword in one of the saddles. It was a dagger that had been strapped on. I thought to myself "what do I have to lose."

I went for the dagger while keeping an eye on the men over by the fire. I reached with my foot to the saddle. It was extremely painful but knew that if I scream now then I would have no chance escaping. "I can not scream now." I kept telling myself because the more I reached the more it hurt. I reached the edge of the saddle with my foot. I glanced over at the men which didn't seem to notice me moving. I then carefully took my foot and nudged one side of the saddle and then the other. It was getting closer to me, slowly but surely.

It eventually made it to the front of me. I then took my feet and pushed the dagger out of the slot that it was kept in. It took me a couple of tries before getting it but finally managed to get it out of the sheath and onto the ground. I then quickly slid the saddle back over by the others so it did not look like I did anything. I took my foot and slid the dagger back towards my body and then was able to take my body and move it back.

One of the men looked back at me and didn't even notice that anything had happened. He then went back to his bottle of Rome and talking to his friends. I then tried reaching for the dagger but it was not very easy. I touched the blade with my fingers and slowly got it in my hand. I grabbed onto it while slicing my hand with it. I then moved it around in my fingers to find the handle, while slicing the rest of my hand with it on accident. I found the end and started to cut the ropes that bind my hands together.

I saw that the men were beginning to get very drunk from their laughter and slurred words. I decided that I should kill them so they do not warn Blake and the other men to soon, so that I could make my escape. I was finally loose.

I got up to my feet because all of the men were looking the other way I quietly snuck up on them and stood behind them silently. One man was beginning to look where I was and found a blade instead.

"Hello" I said before slicing his throat.

The other two got to their feet very quickly. One man grabbed his sword and turned back to me. He tried fighting but because of the Rome he was slow and found the end of the dagger. The other man, the man that had slapped me earlier, ran toward his sword but was not fast enough. I was there waiting for him.

"Please don't kill me. I didn't mean any harm." The man begged.

"Yes I know you meant know harm but the thing is, you killed many of my people without second thought. Don't worry I won't kill you." I explained to him.

"What? Why?" he asked in confusion.

"I will give you mercy that you will probably never show" I told him.

I then told him to sit next to a tree if he wanted my act of kindness. I then walked around him with a rope and tied him up to the tree.

Are you just going to leave me here?" he asked.

"Well your comrades are coming back right?" I told him before putting a big peace of bread in his mouth. "Now I don't want you getting hungry now okay." I told him with a bit of sarcasm.

I then mounted my horse and rode of into the woods away from the road. It was very late now and very dark. I was in no condition to be riding but knew that once Blake and his men returned they would go after me. I rode hard and could start to feel my intestines having a hard time staying inside of me. All that I could do is hold a cloth over them so they would not fall out. I was hurting really bad and extremely hurting "but I can't just give up now" I thought to myself. "I still have to give news to father of our mothers death. I am not ready to die!"

I ran all night and it was now dawn. I slowed my horse to a walk. It was much more comfortable to walk. I opened my eyes and found that I was in a small field that had a layer of fog line the ground. I could see a pond over at the edge of the field. I walked my horse over to it. With a combination of sliding and falling of the horse I crawled over to the side of the water and cupped my hands. I then dipped my hands into the cold water and drank from them. It felt so good to have liquid run down my throat. It was cold and refreshing. I drizzled a bit on my wound. It stung quite badly. I let out a small grunt as I poured the clear water over it. I then rested on the bank of the pond and closed my eyes. I tried not to fall asleep because I knew that there was a good chance that I probably wouldn't wake up.

But I could not help myself to pass up a chance to rest and sleep. I closed my eyes and felt myself drift to sleep. I laid there next to the pond in the early morning with a light layer of fog covering me. My horse standing next to me grazing on the lush green grass next to the pond.