On Main street past a candle and a cross,

That burns into the street's design,

She comes undone,

As snow soon falls to sing her song,

Take her over now that she's gone…

That candle burns for her.


She came undone,

Lost and broken by the wayside,

'A child led astray'

Just push the ways of her heart aside,

Tonight she comes undone,

And she wonders,

Will it burn for me?


September never used to be this cold,

The well-known story that needs not be told,

A story of a soul that was lost,

A story of a soul that paid the cost,

And she wonders will it burn for them?


Will the candle burn for the 'lost souls,'

Just like her,

Will the candle burn away the sins of their lives?

Just like it did for her…

Will the candle burn for them?

Just like it is for her?