Kevin was in dream land, the anger of previous days rage washed away by the soothing caress of the imagination. He was having a very peculiar dream, for some reason activating his rage allowed him to fly and he was simply just flying, everywhere. Uninterrupted, Kevin felt as free as a bird flying south. The night brought a beautiful day with it. There were no clouds in the sky and the sun was casting an almighty glaze upon the city.

The abrupt end of his dream surprised Kevin as the soothing sky and silence was broken by the harsh repetition of his alarm clock. The morning was a new day for Kevin, he no longer felt choked by his anger, which was nice because with the baseball game and feeling angry towards Kevin's brother, Steve, especially when it comes to getting that angry about electronics class. Kevin was glad to put it behind him. The repetitive hum, which Kevin was bound to stop eventually, was stopped for him. As he opened his eyes he saw Karina, hitting his buzzer, looking him in the eyes. "Sleep well, Grumpy? You missed school yesterday."

"I hope that's not your new pet name." Kevin said, pushing himself up to a seated position on his bed beside her. Stretching, he emitted a mighty yawn before collapsing back onto his bed, staring lifelessly at his ceiling. Hopefully everybody was in a better mood now that he was. That went double for Karina, he was sure their last week or two was a good reason as to why Kevin was feeling as angry as he did. He smiled at her as he looked at her from his bed. "Did I sleep a whole day?"

"Yeah it was pretty easy to come up with an excuse for you though." Karina said thoughtfully for a moment. "You skipped Thursday afternoon, I just told your teachers you had eaten some bad sushi." She crawled onto his bed, crawling atop of him. The ceiling was now replaced with Karina's face, she looked him in the eyes with a beaming in her grin. She started leaning forward to kiss him, before Kevin put a quick finger on her lips.

"I don't think you want to kiss me. My breath is fierce this morning." He spoke earnestly, he was trying to keep on her good books.

"I'm brave." She said, leaning in and kissing him with an energy that he hadn't felt in what felt like forever for Kevin. She hadn't kissed him since their fight at the party where Kevin met Jennifer. Maybe with Duane taking her out to dinner and stuff, Karina has no more excuses to be jealous. As their lips broke apart, Kevin felt a soft longing, glad they could be intimate again, glad that she wanted to kiss him again. He was worried he'd be in the dog house forever.

"Anyway, I was just coming to wake you up. You've got football practice in a couple of hours, I figured you might want to get ready and everything."

"Aww, you're so cute. Watching out for me like that. Here I was hoping you'd be up here for a little morning delight." Kevin's tone said it all as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"In your dreams, Kevin." She said, hitting him in the chest with a telekinetic nudge before kissing him once more. Getting up off of him, Karina winked before leaving his room. Kevin just laughed to himself before sitting up. He walked over to his closet and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt, it wasn't really important what he wore to football practice.

Going to school on Saturday produced a feeling that Kevin still hadn't gotten used to. Even though he had practice, Kevin held the belief that it was a cardinal rule that one just shouldn't have to step foot on school grounds during the weekend. State Championships looming around the corner or not, it was a futile excuse. Surprise hit him as he found he wasn't one of the first to arrive as usual, the parking lot was teeming with cars.

Walking into the locker room, Coach was nowhere to be found and most of the team was suiting up. Remind me to tell you something after Practice, Kevin His voice entered his head before he even noticed his friend. The jolt he felt when he suddenly would hear his friends voice enter his mind never waned. Kevin just nodded to Anson, spotting him instantly. Their lockers were next to each others. "Hey buddy." He threw a high-five toward Anson as he walked up to him. "How'd your date with Andrea go?"

"Well enough…" his friend smirked. Kevin knew Anson wasn't lying, but he was being brief… maybe he got to second base or something. "She brought up a double date with you and Karina… I wasn't too sure about it."

"Neither am I." he said looking to Anson. Kevin, Karina and Anson were good enough friends, but what if Andrea just ended up feeling like a fourth wheel. Kevin definitely didn't want to have some awkward double date and he had a feeling that Anson felt the same even without peeking into his head, his thought was broken by the harsh yell of the coaches voice, he watched Duane stop in mid step as he entered the locker room.

"Bannts!" The Coach's voice boomed. "Get the fuck in here!" Kevin barely had time to wave to his friend before he turned heel toward the coach's office. Duane seemed to be favoring his step of his right leg. He also had a nasty black eye, whatever happened to him last night, it wasn't pretty. Kevin didn't want to see the other guy, but Anson kind of did.

The black bag, which held all of Duane's football gear, was slung over one of his shoulders. Duane was tall compared to the stout Coach, who was a plump man with a thick mustache and rapidly receding hairline. He had been the Coach of the Palmer High Piranha's for over 25 years. He'd won four state championships in a row from 1992-1995. They, however, had not made the state championship since, until this year. The prestige of the football team never really seemed there. But when you stood in the coaches office, you really had a feeling of the history that the Piranha's had. "Christ Duane, what the hell happened to you?"

Duane closed the door behind him before he took a seat down at the coaches desk. His bag made a very heavy clash against the floor. "I got in a fight at a party last night."

"Damnit Duane, I really can't have you out partying and drinking so close to the State Championship." Duane already knew where this was going. Coach couldn't afford to bench him. That would be like submitting the state championship and Duane knew that they both had one thing in common. They wanted to win, badly. "You've missed two practices in a row, and I can't have you missing any more. The state championship is eight days away and I need you here. But I also have something else I need to ask you, and before I do. I need your word that you're going to make it to every goddamn practice that's here. And you're going to be first person at the bus on Sunday night, and I don't want to here one peep out of your lips, you got it?"

Duane looked at the coach coldly for a moment. Feeling that if the coach could only understand what he was going through that maybe he'd think about something other than football for a fraction of a second. "Okay." He was possibly signing away any of his free time, which meant he'd have to smooth things over with Jennifer later. "Lay it on me."

"Listen, Laine's got food poisoning. He's in the hospital. You're the next choice to play Linebacker, if you want, it's yours."

For a moment, Duane smirked. "You want me on both sides of the field."

"We'll rotate you with Tony Stevens, he volunteered for it. Just to keep you from getting too tired." Coach wasn't looking at Duane, clearly, he didn't like asking Duane for this favor when he in fact would rather scream enough saliva onto him that he'd be crystal clear just how displeased he was. But there were more important matters at hand. "Go get dressed and hit the field…"

The Practice was mostly drills to start off, repetition and the coach seemed focused on making the game plan branded into the minds of the starters. As the practice shifted into scrimmage and practicing plays. Kevin blinked as he noticed Duane lining up opposite him. "Hey Duane… aren't you playing Tight End buddy?"

"Coach wants me on linebacker for practice today… keep your eyes peeled Kev…" Duane shot him thumbs up, before rotating his thumbs down, a clear taunt. As the linemen lined up at the ball, the receivers took their places at the sides. Kevin was set to throw the ball to Andy Anderson, a simple post pattern. They'd done it a thousand times in practice and Kevin had watched Patrick Fisherman throw at least 10 touchdowns with a play like this.

On the other side of the field, Duane stood. Knee's lightly bent, his hands twitching, he was ready. He felt like he was cheating almost, he knew the offence like the back of his hand. His head still pounded; getting punched in the face a couple dozen times in the span it would take Duane to throw two punches would definitely do that. He watched Kevin like a hawk, he wasn't supposed to blitz, but he knew Kevin was thinking the same thing; it was like Cat and Mouse but Duane felt like a Tiger.

The snap, and Duane was sprinting like a bolt of lightning, he broke through the offensive line, Kevin was taking a couple of steps when he locked eyes with Duane now mere steps in front of him, throwing the ball away before he would have been sacked. Kevin was smacked to the ground with vicious force. Duane hollered before getting up, offering a hand to help his friend up. "Sorry Kev couldn't help myself."

"Asshole…" Kevin said with a bit of venom, but he was fine. He was also just happy that they were on the same team.

Practice ended around 8:00, Duane was going to be late for work but he already let his boss know. After a shower he walked out to his car, his mind was on last night. He was doing another routine drop off. They were pretty much all he was doing for the past week, but that didn't put them past throwing him a curve ball anyway.

The guy was a speedster, he was very particular about time and he was also very disappointed when Duane arrived late. His power neutralized some of the speed the other guy had, but Duane just had enough speed to hit him maybe once every four or five times he would be hit. Running the gamut was not making him happy, He wasn't going to be able to lie to Jennifer, how was he going to explain the shiner.

As he passed around the front, he noted the car that sat in front of the store, a driver and a passenger that both looked at Duane as he passed them on the street. As he wheeled around to the rear entrance of Patterson's sporting goods, he pulled his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Immediately he stopped as shouting hit his ears, clearly he was walking in on something he wasn't supposed to. Sound from the alley way caught his ears and he closed the door slowly. "What are you doing kid? Store's closed."

Duane turned around. His guns were holstered inside his jacket, the mobster didn't know Duane was armed most likely, he'd never seen this one before. Maybe he was a new mook. "Excuse me?" Pretending he didn't hear him to stall, it always seemed to work.

"Said, the store is clo—" Duane's palm struck the throat of the mobster quickly, he felt his throat collapse, biology would do the rest, but as the mook fell to his knees, Duane gave him a kick to the head. Why were they here, he assumed it wouldn't be long before his little mook friend would wander what was taking so long. Re-assuming the key into his hand from his pocket he opened the door, the shouting was over but now his boss' voice was evident.

"Listen, I've made every payment, Duane has done every job" His voice was hoarse, he sounded weak. The sound of air rapidly escaping him, followed by coughing, Duane knew that he was being beaten.

"See Patterson, we're kind of like a bank in the way that everyone collects a little interest." His voice was a New York accent, another new guy. How deep did this go? He stalked down the hallway, careful not to make a single peep as he creeped closer to Mr. Patterson's office. "You've owed for too long, and you've showed a complete lack of faith to pay up. We've given you the twelve month's you've asked for and now it's time to collect."

"Please… Give me two weeks, I will have the ten thousand dollars by then. Please."

"I'm sorry Danny. Time's up."

Duane blinked at the sound of the gunshot. He felt his heart drop in his chest. The sound of the body hitting the floor was loud enough through the opened door that it was like thunder in Duane's ears. As a suit exited the room, Duane didn't hesitate. His elbow shattered his nose. As he kicked him into the mook behind him, he pulled out a gun, two pulls of the trigger, as he walked into the room, his other hand was armed and the trigger was pulled. There were four bodies in the room. He didn't have time for this, he was panicked and he had just taken three lives. His boss was dead, he put one of the pistols in his boss' hand carefully, this would look slightly less conspicuous on his part. As he holstered what was now to be his only pistol, he moved like molasses toward the rear exit.

What just happened?

As he moved back to his car, he saw the mook, just as he expected. He pulled his gun out and pointed at the mook. "Don't move…" The mook looked and blinked.

"You do this kid?"

"I'll do worse to you."

He pulled the trigger, but shot the mook in the leg. He growled but when Duane saw him reaching for his own gun, he shot him in the hand, quickly. That one would've hit something vital for sure. Duane didn't feel very remorseful for the painful way this son of a bitch was about to die. "You tell your boss, whoever the fuck he is. You tell him I'm done! And if he comes for me, I will do the same thing to every-fucking-one of you bastards if I have to."

Duane kicked his gun away from him, before picking it up… "Thank you." Duane walked back into the building. He was wasting time but he wanted both of his guns. If they were going to be the only thing his now deceased Boss was ever going to give him, he wanted to make sure that he kept it. "Can't believe I almost gave this away." He switched the hand guns. He was thankful for once that he wore gloves when he drove... He thought about taunting Jennifer with the fact that it saved his ass..

Jennifer! He couldn't just tell her about this. As he walked to his car he spat on the mook before pulling away from the store. He was sure he heard police siren's in the distance. Burning out of the alley way he sped out onto the street before turning away, quickly, he felt like he was drowning in consternation.