What purpose does this serve?

This is purpose.

Purpose made matter.

Curse the cursor,

Lose the thought.

Damn the Inquisitor,

Hell is bought.

So soon solfege syllables sing

Lulling ladies lately loving lime.

Fuck the dime.

Keep the time.

Commit the crime.

Crime. Crime. Crime.

Arrest. Arrest. Arrest.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Three cases, three gentlemen.

Gentlemen, behold!

His frizzed hair gives us the Queen's English.

We are entirely at your mercy, m'lud.

If he could dash the Gods

Why can't we dash the congress?

If he could seem harmless as a lamb

And get shot.

If he could calculate cold numbers

And kill kill kill.

Some tune stuck in my head.

You're the tune, let's use your bed.

I'll be Paris,

You'll be Paris,

Helen is dead.

Three gentlemen I'd love for you to meet.

Three gentlemen, some entertainment for your meal.

Always three's, but never four's.

Always somebody, never nobody.

Cancels out: somebody.

Some body.

Whose body?

A body.

Avoid it.

Plague it.

Rot it.

Disintegrate it:

You're to blame!

You couldn't follow your brother

Down the road to suicide,

Oh no! Damned being.

Commodius vicus my ass.