Living Your Life

"Be sure to live your life, because you are a long time dead." It's true, you know. We spend, what, eighty, ninety years on this planet, and then what? Heaven. Or... or the other place. But we're not talking about that right now. A lot of us just waste our time on stupid things... we never really experience anything. We take too much for granted as humans. We don't realize that we're lucky to be living here, even in a confusing and dark world such as this. We're lucky because even though there is pain... and there is death and sadnes... without any justification... there is still beauty. But we're too wound up in our own worries and businesses of the day to see it. We think those things that get us so stressed out and so worried are so much more important than the things that give us life or make life worth living.

And that's where we start taking everything- and I do mean everything- for granted. We take our "everyday" senses for granted- sight, smell, sound, movement, feeling. You know that there are so many people who can't see? Who can't hear, can't talk, can't move? It's a miracle that we can! It's a miracle that somehow, inside us, everything is functioning properly or whatever, and we can do those things. We can not only see, we can visualize. We can not only talk, we can express. We con not only hear, we can listen. We can not only move, we can walk, run, skip, chase, jump, swim, whatever!

We take our friends and family for granted, which is even worse. No matter how you make them, there is always this false knowledge that your friends and family will always be around. That is a lie. Whether it's a fight or a parting of ways or death, your friends and family will not be around on this earth forever. And when this sad truth sinks in for the first time, it will hurt. And that's why you can't take anybody for granted. But what do so many people do? We mistreat the ones who are closest to us, who have made the biggest impact on our lives. We act like they will be around forever. Like we can wait to apologize for that stupid thing we said to them until tomorrow. Well, we can't, because you don't know! Life is an uncertainty.

On another topic, we waste a lot of our lives doing things that, in the end, never really matter. It doesn't matter if you went to all the dances. It doesn't matter if you're Daniel Radcliffe's number one fan and personal stalker. It doesn't matter what movie you saw- or didn't see- this weekend. Unless... unless you cherish it. Unless you know, and I mean truly know, that you are going to cherish it for the rest of your life. And if you do.

So what does make you cherish life, anyways? What are the things that we remember as we get older? It's the little things, really. A sunny day, or if you prefer, a rainy day. Picking dandelions when you're four years old, or playing tag at eight. Chasing the ice cream man- when you're far past ice-cream-man-chasing-age. Getting odd loods from people as you do so. Losing against a friend at a game you're supposed to be the best at, and still feeling OK about it. Playing the stupidest games of Truth or Dare imaginable, which dares like prank calling the meanest teacher in school and trying to sell her nose clippers while she shouts so loudly that everybody can hear her in a five-mile radius, "CAM, GET OFF THE PHONE!" You know... the little things that make you happy.

But why should we enjoy life to begin with? This is a dark and nearly hopeless world. And there are a lot of people who don't think life is really all that great... and at times, life isn't all that great. But there are people who have lost so much hope, that they would do anything... anything... to escape the pain. They're the ones who've been abused in one way or another... ignored... felt unloved... There are many ways to kill a person. What makes you think any one of them can't be applied to one's own self?

And since this world is dark, there are lies. There are those who say that people... life... can be a mistake. And what's worse is, people actually believe that!!! Life is never, and I repeat, NEVER, a mistake. If some people are mistakes, then that's saying God makes mistakes, and God never makes mistakes, because He's an infallible Being.

...But you're all different, aren't you? You're not wasting your life with trivialities! No, no, you're living life to the fullest, aren't you? You're in every club known to man, right? That's not a waste of your life! Or you! You do all sorts of things! You go hang-gliding and bungee-jumping and white water rafting... certainly not a waste of time. ...No. It's only worthwhile if you remember what happened. If you appreciate every second you have... even if it isn't the most enjoyable or exciting. And you know why? "Life's short. If you don't look around once in a while, you might miss it." Because you never know when you're going to die. You might think you're going to graduate... go to college... get a mediocre job that will get you a respectable position in life... But you could be wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. Because one day, when the final bell rings, and you get out of your classroom and the school, and you pull out of the parking lot, some car might not see you, and it could all end- just like that. Or you could suddenly be diagnosed with an incurable disease, and left with nothing but an "I'm sorry, but you only have six months", and then what are you going to do? You could have six minutes or six months. At any rate, you should make the most of it while you still have it, because some people don't. And that benefits no one.

Have you watched a thunderstorm, or have you just complained about it ruining your day? Have you looked, and I mean really looked, at a mountain range at sunrise, or have you turned the slats on your Venetian blinds to shut the sun out? Have you rolled down a hill with your eyes closed, or jumped in a lake with your clothes still on, or blown the seeds off a dandelion and made a wish, or wished on a star- the proper way (saying the rhyme, closing your eyes, clapping your hands twice, and spinning around three times, and then making the wish), or have you been afraid of looking too childish or silly? Maybe it's time to stop worrying. Maybe it's time to start living.

This is a revised version of a persuasivespeech I did a couple months ago for my speech class. Hope you liked it. Reviews are returned!