First it knew nothing.

And then, like a child from the womb, it was alive.

It had no solid form, but merely danced in the wind. It waltzed through the towns and visited every man and woman, paying a compliment to each. It danced through the country and across the borders. It skipped through places with different languages, through ghettos and palaces. It frolicked from hill to hill, from mountain to mountain.

And the more it danced, the more it grew. It was not just dancing through the whips of the wind, but dancing alongside it. It grew into a thin, dark shadow with long, spindly fingers and a shapeless body. It danced through the hills but was shunned from the people it had been liked by before.

They called it witchcraft. They called it the devil. They banished it from every town. It had no mouth to defend itself. Angered at the people, it responded like they did. It danced and danced through the hills, over the mountains, and across plains. Instead of greeting humans, it greeted small animals who were happy to greet it. It gave each animal a piece of itself to carry into the towns it could no longer visit.

It danced and danced and danced…

Because the people deserved it, did they not?