The Moonlit Place

I once dreamed a dream that I was walking alone on a moonlit beach.

I was lost in my thoughts, thinking thoughts that I had never thought before.

When suddenly I saw a tall figure up ahead through the mist.

He was intently staring at the waves.

Before I knew it, I was standing next to him.

We stared at the waves for a while.

Then he turned and looked at me.

"Look at our footprints." he said.

I looked and I saw that they were in a straight line, heading toward each other.

"We were destined to meet," he said as he slid his arm around my waist.

"And I'm glad that we did." I said as I slid my arm around his waist.

For a while, we watched the waves lap at our feet.

Then he whispered my name in my ear.

I looked up at his face.

He gently kissed me.

We stood there for a while, watching the waves.

When the sun began to climb in the sky, we said our goodbyes.

We both knew that we were destined to meet again.

Somewhere, somehow.

Two nights later, we met again at the beach.

We stood in silence, at the foot of the waves.

We let the waves wash our feet while we held hands.

Soon the dawn broke the dark skies.

As a goodbye, we kissed then went our separate ways.

The following night when we met, it was misty and soon it began to rain.

We didn't care.

The rain washed the beach and began to soak us.

The moon bathed the beach, the waves, and us in a gentle glow.

We were lost in our own world.

In another place, an enchanted place, a sacred place.

When the gulls cried, we didn't hear them.

When the dawn broke, he gently kissed me on the forehead and hugged me goodbye.

He started to walk away when I called "Wait!"

I walked over to him and said, "You are my strong tower, my fortress. You know me. You care about me, you watch over me when I'm weak."

He looked down at me with love and compassion in his eyes.

"I know, I've always known."

Then he lightly kissed me and continued on his way.

That was six years ago when I was 14.

"The Moonlit Place" as I call it, is where I go to escape from the harsh reality of the world.

I close my eyes and I'm instantly transported to my enchanted place.

My sacred place.

I'm contented there; I'm at home there.

The tall figure is my true best friend.

Some call him God; some call him a celebrity.

But I call him my friend, my true and only love.

He visits me in my dreams sometimes.

Whenever I go to "the moonlit place," he's always there.

Always loving, always caring.