I have a question for you God.

Can I get a refund?

The boyfriend yougave me was defective.

Can I get the love credited back to my heart?

Because I'm running low on it,

And I need what has left to come back.

Better yet, can I exchange him

For someone better?

Or be compensated in some way?

This boyfriend has too many flaws.

He was broken.

And he broke me to fix himself.

Even MORE better-

Can I get a refund on life?

I've missed out on all the fun times

I should have had.

Or can I exchange my life for someone else's?

Can I have the life of a well-liked girl-

The one that people WANT to see?

Or can you take my life away?

And refund my parents the heartache I've caused them?

I just need a refund, or an exchange of some sort…

Because SOMEONE needs to be happy.

And with me here no one is.