We hired a Hero not a zero

Sam Wretch was having an awful day. All the agents died apart from 1. Agent 10 (going to be agent1 now) the problem was Agent1 never told anyone about himself. He wasn't married, never told his sectary, he just pick a mission and went on one. Sam wretch in history for been the worst spy

in the history of MI6.

"Sarah get me wretch in here NOW!" yelled captain strose

In marched Wretch, stood behind the door rolled over shot the sectary with a tranquilizer dart. Collin Strose "have you seen my sectary? He questioned "No" replied Sam covering the collapsed body of the sectary. "I bet she smoking with the girls on coffee duty" "In here Sam" "As you well frankly know our best agent and our other agents died in a bombing". "You are the only one who survived you will have to take Agent1 place"

"but I warn you English any mistake and the door will be closed on you forever" said Collin "Sire the word mistake is not know in my dictionary" said Sam "let bloody hope so"

"Get ready to leave tomorrow to Khabarovsk (far place in Russia) at 0600.

The new equipment

"Your gun a standard ball point pen one twist of the button and fires the bullet" said Q "your car Porsche camera 119,lazer gun ,super jet turbo" "It all the latest" said Q

"Thanks Q, I be off then bye"

I flashed my ticket at the checkout and what do you know?

A bomb sets off everyone ducks down. Six men in black go running by with ak47.

I dive for my car chase and after them.

I see Collin Strose "Huh what is boss doing over here I better

follow maybe they are forcing in the car" exclaimed Sam

After a two hour drive I pull out my gun and say "FREEZE, YOU HAVE THR RIGHTS TO REMAIN SELINCE ANYTHING YOU SAY WILL BE CHARGE UPON YOU" "Sam you don't understand do you." "Why you think I sent you to the furthest place in Russia" "Dorr!" "I sent you so far away that you will not be able to be here when I setup the biggest theft ever" said Colin