"Thud" 2 menjust knock english out and carried him to a underground bunker with all the other MI6 agents and staff.
"hello"said Sam. The others were gagged so they could'nt speak.
We must find a way out of here. The staff pointed at another exit. "Thanks i come back for you so don't worry" said Sam There where oil tanks surrounding them as they speak.
So all i have to do is get the staff into one of those mini van then i shoot the oil tanks and take away the 50 carat necklace from 1986 called De buriere.

I pulled out a knife from my pocket and ran towards the staff ,cut there ropes and gag mask. I got them to go to the mini van i started firing at the oil tank quickly stole the diamond from them.
Jumped into the front seat and drove off. "Ha Sam" "They can just escape" said Sarah(serctary). "I called the police so do not worry" replied Sam "WEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOWEEEEHOOOOOOOOO" SCRIECKED THE Police siren. They quickly arrested them.

The Gerenal Of MI6

"Sam like to thank you for solving this mystery since you saved us you get to become agent x (Top agent over all of England) That all you may leave" Thank you sire" said Sam as Smiled his way home.