"Bang Bang" They was war in Germany. British were fighting in the field, Galgaly. Hitler the second was found,
He was fighting the Jews, to become king of Germany.
"Liam Waller take 1,235 solider to fight the Germans"
said General Nat. "yes sir"repelied Liam


"Liam Waller why are we going in a airplane" said Dan "We are going to take the long route to Germany so we can bomb the city" said Liam "good plan boss" said all the soldier's "Help" scream a woman" British airplanes are coming flee for your live" "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM"
"We can know go home we blew up all the city's"
"Good work boys "said Liam "YAHOO" shouted the Soldier.


"Liam Waller you did a good job and should be given a medal." said General Nat. The medal was silver with my name was written by General Kunle. The boss of all the Soilder."You must be careful because the German's will fight back" said General Lee "Your airplanes have your name on them" shouted General Lee "You are going to attack a ship heading for England, German soldier are inside the ship, they are already sailing to kill the British" said General Kunle.


"BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM". "Their is smoke in the ship we been attacked" cried the German soldier. "We are sinking help!!" BANG BANG BANG". "NO"CRIED Liam Waller. Liam Waller returned to his camp after Loosing 234 soldiers in one battle. "Where the rest of your men Liam" boomed General Lee "They died"repiled Liam sadly "did you destroy the ship" boomed General Kunle "Yes sir "replied Liam Waller


"Soldier we will move to the back of the British camp and attack from the back" said Hitler "I have a feeling that the German's will attack from the back of the camp" said General Kunle "BANG BANG BANG"
"BONK BONK BONK" "Uh they bulletproof" cried the German soldier .5678 British Soldier were shooting the German and the British won because they were Bulletproof, and the bullet fell off them. Hitler was killed and the Jews were saved by the British.