Together we sit in awkward silence;

A message waits behind my teeth.

A message to cure the deadly violence

Which rages underneath.

They need to know what I have to say,

And the One who bade me say it.

Give me boldness and strength, I pray;

I can't afford to delay it.

Why am I silent? Why do I not speak,

When I have such good news to tell?

Will I conceal the fulfillment they seek

And stand by as they go to hell?

The enemy snares me with deceitful projection

Of falsehoods mixed with warped thought.

I feel doubt and fear of rejection

In this conundrum I've wrought.

It will not be easy, He hath declared,

But He's here til the end of the age.

It's okay to be uncomfortable, even scared,

For none want to pay sin's wage.